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  1. I know in this era, this may be a very basic question, but please pardon my lack of tech savvy.

    I have Cable DSl at home and want to set up a home wireless network to enable me have access to my cable internet wirelessly thorughout the apartment. Ideally, I would also like the wireless signal to be strong throughout the two floors of the house.

    What equipment do I need? What are the best brands/models? What equipment specs should I ensure I get?

    How do I ensure the network is secure from outsiders/intruders?

    How can I give access to others, if I so choose?

    What should I be wary of?

    All the computers/laptops in the home have wireless cards.

    Many thanks!
  2. Depending on the size of your place, you may need an extra access point in addition to a wireless router. I don't use anything but linksys. I've tried others and they just don't work as reliably. On the other hand, I've had a linksys running 24/7 with absolutely no problems for over 3 years (not wireless though).

    Also, don't trade from it. Wireless can be prone to intermittant disconnects and low signals depending on interference in your building. But its great for web surfing, watching video files in bed, and almost anything else where you prefer comfort to reliability.
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    Get a linksys wrt54g, change the linux opensource firmware with http://www.hyperwrt.org/ and then put on a new aerial from ebay. Should be able to cover your entire block.
  4. I've got a wireless home network and I use cable for my Internet connection.

    I use a NETGEAR WGR614v4 Wireless Router. It has been awhile since I set it up, but I do recall the setup was easy and uneventfull. It has worked almost perfectly. Occasionally, my laptop (the computer that accesses the 'net via wireless) won't automatically connect to the network. It takes a simple manual connect at those times.)

  5. Thanks guys for all the comments. Anybody familair with D-LINK SYSTEMS

    DI-624 AirPlus Xtreme G High-Speed 108Mbps Wireless Router ?
  6. What exactly do you mean by "aerial" - is this a separate router?
  7. I see some routers with so-called "MIMO" technology. What exactly is this? Does this increase the range of the wireless reception?
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    You can take off the supplied aerials and replace them with much bigger ones that will dramatically increase the range. See ebay.
  9. yup, it works fine, never had problems with it, I also use shaw extreme with 8MB speed

  10. There's several good wireless models out there...

    So I won't mention anything specific.

    Regardless, whatever you do...you should setup you wireless network as Secured (WPA)...

    WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protection Access.

    You can use google search engine to find tons of info about it.

    Also, you should be using a firewall on your computer regardless if your using Secured (WPA).

    Today's wireless stuff usually is sold with instructions on how to set this up and newer laptops that have Wi-Fi also come with instructions on how to setup a secured wireless network...

    At least mine did when I recently made two different laptop purchases.

    In addition, first you used the word apartment then you said house.

    I use it in my house with incredible range in and outside the house.

    No lost of speed nor any other problems when even when sitting on the neighbors patio.

    Don't know about any problems using Wi-Fi in an apartment complex.

    However...I do have some Wi-Fi friends that make it a regular habit of stealing connections on those that don't have a secured network.

    Whatever you do...the laptop or computer you trade from...password protect it and do regular backups especially if your going to be sharing (allow access to others on your network).

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