@ home Traders Desk...how would set up look in detail?

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  1. A simple question to most, but an enigma to me at this current point in my learning curve.
    Now that I'm learning more about forex and how to approach the who, what, where, when, and why's of it all, I'm still having a hard time with the hardware set up that I wish to purchase for home. I have an expensive, recently purchased (albeit, small/compact) laptop that I wish to set up with multiple monitors and new laser printer, but I really don't know what to purchase exactly, or even if the laptop will be adequate. Do I need only one big monitor, or two or more, and do I absolutely need to purchase a card to run multiple monitors? I had one salesman at the electronics store nearby me tell me I don't need a separate card. So I'm a little confused as to what to do to get this traders desk up and going.
    Could anyone give me a complete run down of what I would need to purchase, even if that means a new desk top and multiple monitors. How would the wiring, cards, (anything relevant) look?
    I recall many many years ago when I almost opened up an direct access account, I came across a web site of an at home trader who had the whole layout and set up online for newbies who were starting out. I've googled for something like this, but haven't come across anything relevant for newbies.
    If anyone can pass along some detailed starting guidelines and/or links, etc, it would be much appreciated!
  2. Could you tell us who you want to trade with...the name of the dealer?

    This would help to define your screen real estate needs.

    Also...How do you plan to trade...fundamentally...technically....what tools will you utilize?

    It is wise to segregate/isolate a trading computer from the other recreational computer for the internet and hold your trading computer outside of that network...its according to how serious you are...I have two ISP's.

    Trading hardware 101:
    • P3, P4 or Athlon (laptop celerons work fine too)... with plenty of PCI slots to add cards (start out with one monitor and develop your needs)
    • 1gig Ram
    • Windows XP Pro
    • 19" LCD monitor (s)
    • Matrox dual Video card
    • Broadband
    • Virus protection (McAfee is a good one...stay away from Norton)

    Just starting out, it may be hard to define your hardware needs, so start small and build out from there, by allowing flexibility in your configuration.

    Now if you want to use your laptop, you need to know if you plug in an exterior 19" LCD monitor...will it shut off the laptop screen? Matrox has an exterior laptop card named, "dual head to go" or "triple head to go" that you can purchase to add more monitors.

    You can also buy a router or a switch and add a desktop. (some of the Broadband providers supply you with a modem that has a built in router...many times you can plug into a USB port...an ethernet port and use the wireless port for the laptop...so thats three computers! all working together on the modem)

    Michael B.

    P.S. Out of all this complicated stuff...screen real estate has become most important to me.
  3. Very quick response guys!

    Thanks for the thread on other traders sharing their pics of their trading desks....that's what I was looking for during all that 'googling' the past couple of days.
    Here's a pic of another ET's set up. This is pretty much what I had in mind when I was thinking of using my new laptop.


    Michael, you response was helpful...a great 101 starting point for me and is helping me to fill in the parts of the puzzle...
    Still on the fence about what dealer, but it will be an ECN type for sure. MBtrading, Oanda, IB, are on my radar.
    I'll be trading mostly technical over fundamentals.
    I do like the idea of starting out small and then growing from there...maybe I don't need to get the full fledge desk going at the moment, but eventually I'd like to get all the bells and whistles I can get my hands on... :)
  4. 2+2=1,

    Make sure and re-read my post...I have many late edits!

    That was a kewl pic of a set up you referred to in your post above!

    Michael B.

    P.S. never get rid of your puters'...just add an 8-port swith if you you must...(I have two laptops and two desktops). My oldest laptop is an ancient Compaq Presario 1236 that I use as a print server - it has Windows 98 hehe...

    P.P.S. We are not gamers...we are traders utilizing mathematical calculations and processing OHLC and 2D graphics...we do not need the latest and greatest!
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    First, congrats on the Moderator status! ET's in good hands.

    Second, I pretty much agree that we're not gamers (I am after hours) and don't need the latest and greatest, but it pays to have a high end system when it comes to Java platforms. Java's a resource hog. Then if you use API software and spreadsheets, that's more to process.

    If daytrading, I'd also recommend low latency broadband with a backup low latency connection. And a backup broker.

    p.s. keeping your old computers is great advice. Some you can turn into a NAS (network attached storage.) I'm in the process of doing that now.
  6. Birch71


    That's a good question...

    Since there are mutliple series of broadband packages, which one is best suited for trading?

    I'm looking at the DSL packages by ATT. I currently have Earthlink, but it's an old package that needs to be replaced.

  7. I also posted this below in the Hardware related forum:


    Newbie here...I'm in the process of figuring out how my @ home trading desk will look like. I'm figuring anywhere's from 3-7 monitors. Although I will be beginning with 2 for the time being.
    I am in the Toronto/Goldenhorseshoe region. Does anyone know where I can go in person to shop for products made by Matrox, and also anywhere to get LCD monitors relatively low in price; along with any hardware related to trading in general....
    ...looking for Ontario (canada) traders who may have some answers to some stores or outlets....Future shop/Best Buy just are not a good source for traders to get all the bells and whistles..
    ...any online links also would be helpful...
    ...thanks in advance

  8. so 2= 2..

    How is it going? Are you trading?

    Michael B.
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