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    I know there is a large mix of people here on ET, and I was hoping someone could give me advice on natural aids/remedies/methods to fall asleep at night.

    I am trying to avoid the drug route.

    I know there will be alot of jokes and not so serious replies, but I hope to find a few nuggets to benefit me and others.

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    Hopefully it will stay on topic. I'd be interested as well. I'm currently taking 2-3 Bynadrill capsules every night.
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    lol TL - I am doing a shot of Nyquil and would like to get away from that.

    We'll see!
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    Go to a health food store and get 'Yogi Tea' Bedtime. It has a combination of herbs that work quite well. Brew yourself a cup just before you're ready to crash at night.
  5. Try "Insomnia" or "calms" by Hylands.

    The website is:

    They sell it at Whole Foods and its natural. if you're having trouble sleeping I'd go for this stuff before other meds. Try it out, hope it help! :)

    Also, its Homeopathy so its safe.
  6. This is a topic that I am an EXPERT on and that is sleep.

    First, it all starts with the bed you lie in. Go out and get yourself a quality mattress. You will have to spend over a grand to get a quality mattress. I like the Vera Wang "Taken" pillow-top mattress which costs about 2 grand. You can also purchase mattress pads and such that will make the bed more comfortable.

    Yep, its very expensive, but the quality cant be beat and you spend a third of your day on this thing. In the morning, you will feel much more rested.

    A cheaper solution is the luxury, padded mattress pad that you can find at Target or Walmart. This will give the bed a little extra padding. You can also try the egg-crate foam which is another cheaper alternative to an expensive mattress.

    Second, the best stuff is Melatonin. Melatonin is naturally produced in the body and you cant overdose on it. You can find it at any pharmacy and its non-prescription.

    Melatonin is not a drug, but a hormone. As you get older, your body does not produce so much and you will notice that you have more trouble sleeping. It is not harmful.

    I wouldnt use any prescription medication because it will ultimately not give you that deep sleep you are looking for. The combination of a good bed and Melatonin will give you a very deep sleep.
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  8. Herbal tea is a great choice. When I have trouble sleeping I whoop up a cup myself.

    The active ingredient in your premade tea bags is usually chamomile.

    I buy my teas in bulk, The price for the ready mixed stuff is outrageous.

    My personal recipe for sleepy time is...

    1 big pinch of chamomile
    1 average pinch of spearmint
    1 small pinch of shredded licorice root
    Put in a tea ball, or wrap in a chunk of cheese cloth.
    Steep in very hot water until cool enough to drink.

    30 minutes after I drink it I'm asleep.

    If you want something to really kick your ass to sleep, grab a bit of valerian, you can get this at the health food store also. Just add a small pinch
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    Where do you buy your bulk teas?

    And thanks for the answers so far everyone.
  10. I just stop by a natural food store. I'm on the west coast and all the natural food stores has the stuff in bins or large jars. Even the large grocery stores have a separate natural foods section, with the bulk items.

    Another place is a local co-op.

    If you get some tea herbs, just get a half or even a quarter sandwich bag full of each ingredient. The licorice root taste strong, so you only need a half of the amount compared to the others.

    ps. ( half bag of chamomile, half bag of spearmint, quarter bag of shredded licorice root.)
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