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    Having just spent about an hour reading through 30 pages of discussion in a previous thread my head is spinning. Looking for a simple recommendation for a video card to run 4 monitors off one computer using windows 8. Here are a couple of cards that have been recommended to me;



    Anyone have experience with either one? Any reason to choose one versus the other. Specs seem very similar.

    I am hoping the software has improved a great deal since the old days of running a matrox millennium card which I paid about 4 times the amount of these cards. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    nvidia nvs 450
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    Make sure you upgrade your power supply unit to a top of the line model otherwise you will destroy your hard drive and motherboard. Factory installed power supplies are usually not strong enough for the higher model video cards and 4 displays. I speak from experience
  4. Could be correct if OP bought 2, high performance gaming cards or has an el-cheapo mobo.
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    Not a cheap motherboard but the installed power supply is only 300 watts. The Visiontek ATI card I put a link in there for on Amazon only calls for a 250 watt supply which seems very low to me but is one of the reasons I am leaning towards that card.
  6. Have you tried the Ti-89?

    It's a great computer.
  7. Do you have 2 available PCIe X16 slots? Is there any reason you lean towards 1 card 4 monitors?

    This subject has been debated over and over again.

    For me: get 2 EVGA 8400 GS cards. $33 each, bought new. They are inexpensive. And they work. It's been 3 to 4 years and I have not gotten any one of them run out on me yet. If you want NVS cards, you can get the older models, used, at similar prices or even lower.


    8400 GS draws very little power. You can see it from the simple design. It is not sexy. It won't do all these fancy 3D polygon shading translucency or refresh 1000 times a second. But it works well for 2D price charts where you don't need anything fancy.
  8. Well... I remember I bought my Apple II+ computer in college in the early 80's and it was over $2000, in 80's money. Today you can get an iphone for under $100, thousand times faster, a million times higher capacity, etc..
  9. Hey Boli,

    What impact, if any, does using a VGA and DVI hookup mean as far as video quality.
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