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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Andy62279, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Just wondering if you guys have any methods to cure a hangover.... cos I feel like crap.
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    Two tylenol, lots of water and eat a lot of protein today.

    The other one is raw egg yolks and tabasco sauce in beer, but I think that might make me barf!

    Next time you go out drinking, remember to drink twice as much water as you drink booze. Dehydration is why you feel so lousy!
  3. Thanks Cathy. Yea, I usually drink lots of water before I go to bed. That always helps, but last night I was a bit too drunk to get water. Well it's a good thing I had vodka before the beer :D

    I was told this one thing though. Get a big cup of water, throw some sugar in there and some lemon juice. I think it was lemon juice... dunno, I just do water and sugar. During my younger days I used to drink a lot of hard liquor, and that remedy did wonders for me :D

  4. bobcathy1

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    Oh, and the other thing is.......
    Never Mix Drinks......drink one thing all night.
    Beer and vodka...blech!

    I never heard the lemon and sugar cure.

    All the champion drinkers tell me one thing.....if you don't stop drinking, you won't get hung over.....but they sit on the dock all day and do nothing but drink......funny life we have down here in the Keys?

    Me I don't drink, I turn into a total bitch in one glass.
  5. Babak


    I've heard the best home remedy for a bad hangover is a tall glass of moonshine....never tried it myself as I don't drink. :D
  6. Never mix?? I think why it's bad to mix is that it'll get you drunk real fast. In my opinion, as long as I stop when I'm about to get the spins and drink plenty of water and sugar I'll be fine in the morning.

    I think it all depends on the quality of alcohol. Back when I was an alky, I'd drink nothing but Crown. Then one day I drank some Olde English Malt Liquor. Oh I felt so nasty the next day.

    I hardly drink anymore, but because I'm on vacation right now all rules are excluded :D

    So the people that sit on the dock and drink all day... do they do that all year round or something? I couldn't do that for more than a couple days straight. In the summer my friend and I would go to the nude beaches (Italy) and drink beer all day :D

  7. nitro


    1) Peppermint tea to settle the stomach
    2) lots of water, to counteract the acid
    3) sleep it off

  8. i ended up drinking again tonite... so I feel just fine :)

    peppermint tea huh? hmm... ok! I won't be needing that in the morning though, but I'll remember for future reference :D