home prices surging in london

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  1. got to have a little balance for the constant doom and gloom crap bylow posts.

    London Agents ‘Sold Out’ as Home Asking Prices Jump to Record
    Oct. 19 (Bloomberg) -- London home sellers raised asking prices to a record high this month and led gains across the U.K. as the shortage of properties for sale intensified, Rightmove Plc said.

    The average cost of a home in the capital rose 6.5 percent, the most since records began in 2002, to 416,157 pounds ($680,000), the owner of the U.K.’s biggest residential property

  2. xty


    thats all they've got in that part of the world..........

    the phrase is "get on the ladder" even b/4 they finish college........

    so the ponzi has to keep going or else u need G40 to bring UK to the table in the next 15 years