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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by mjt, Apr 11, 2002.

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    This concerns that file folder icon next to threads that represent new or unread messages.

    When you first go to the home page, there are usually icons next to several supposedly unread threads/posts that actually have been read. To demonstrate what I'm talking about, go to the home page after you haven't been for a while. There probably will be an icon next to every thread on the home page. Read whatever threads you want to, then come back about an hour later. Every one of those threads will still have an icon next to it. If you click on 'view all forums and threads' it will correctly show you which threads have posts that you haven't read. Then if you click on your internet 'back' button, it will show (correctly this time), the threads that have unread posts since your last visit an hour ago, (probably about 10) instead of every single one being marked.

    Hope that made sense. It would just be nice if you could see the correct # of unread posts/threads the first time you go to the website.