Home Ownership: the path to slavery

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  1. The couple in the article is quoted as saying that buying the home was a mistake. WTF?!?! Assuming that home values would always go up - that is a mistake! Taking action and buying a home on the assumption that house prices would always go up...that was sentencing yourself to slavery! The "homeowners" should not now request a bail out from those who were NOT as stupid as they were/are! Caveat Emptor - let the buyer be aware! Too bad dumb fu(ks!!! If you couldn't buy it with cash...you shouldn't have bought it! A man makes a mistake with a chain saw - cuts off his hand - he lives the rest of his life without a hand - plain and simple. These dumb fu(ks bought a house they shouldn't have - why should the rest of us bail them out? We can't bail out the guy who lost his hand..and we WON'T bail out these fu(kers - and we certainly DON'T won't to bail out the banks that were stupid enough to lend them money.

    No joke! Let the heads of the irresponsible borrower and the irresponsible lender roll!!!! No sarcasm here - no joke - bring back the firing squad for both!

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    this was an almodt $600k house with a $4200 a month mortgage...I wonder what these 2 geniuses do for a living?

  3. Hmmm....trying to read between the lines here. Is it safe to say that you are against bailouts?????? :p
  4. LOL!!!! Sorry for the ambiguity in my position :D
  5. perhaps if they did not buy such an expensive house i may have pitied them. but they bought one out of their range.

    they should downsize now and not expect to stay in an expensive house.
  6. No offense intended, but "range" is - the FU(KING CASH YOU HAVE!!!! MORE THAN THAT empowers the evil fu(kers called "bankers" - generally, a lot fit for the slaughter!

  7. With home ownership you also have to run a gauntlet of leeches.

    1)Real estate commissions

    2)Property taxes (increasing now, to fill budget gaps)

    3)Fire, flood, etc. insurance

    4)Interest on mortgage (yes, tax deductible, but that doesn't nullify all outflows from interest payments).

    5)Closing costs

    6)Inspection fees

    7)Property upkeep

    8)Neighborhood association fees

    9)Security sytems

    These are just a few I thought of off the top of my head. Add more.

    Housing: "Industry of Leeches"
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    These are the real reason why the gov want to bail out RE.
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    Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to live in a cave like you guys.
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