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  1. gnome


    I'm new to networks, so pardon the noob question...

    1. In a home network with printer sharing enabled, does the computer to which the printer is connected have to be "on" for other computers on the network to print?

    2. I've currently got 2 computers connect to 1 printer through a parallel switchbox. If I switch over to USB printer connnection with printer sharing enabled, will I have to reinstall the printer drivers on both machines to tell them to connect to the printer via USB rather than the current LPT1?
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  3. Lucrum


    1.I have to turn mine on first, not sure if thats a universal requirement.

    2.I could be wrong but I don't think you do.
  4. jumper


    1. Yes, the pc that its connected to has to be ON.
  5. JackR


    If you have currently have a parallel cable from each computer going to the switchbox and then a line to the printer you are not really "sharing". The printer is connected to whichever computer the switchbox to switched to.

    For print sharing you would connect your two computers over your local network (LAN) and have the printer connected to either computer. In order to print, whichever computer the printer is connected to (the printer sharing computer) would need to be on. Both computers would need print drivers installed so that the program you are running would translate its output to the proper printer codes (fonts, etc.).

    Depending on the printer you are using it could have a built-in LAN port. If so, just connect it to the LAN and any computer on the LAN can access it. No switch is required. There is no print-sharing computer as such.

  6. gnome


    Thanks for the replies. There is no LAN port on the printer. Hmmm.... switchbox or needing to have the computer connected to the printer being on to print from the other... both about equally annoying options.
  7. Tums


    only expensive printers have LAN ports. Usually reserved to office level printers where higher volume and multi-users is the target market.

    Printers are so cheap these day, might as well get a separate one for your computer.
  8. gnome


    I guess that would be a option too. My old ones work fine on parallel ports with a switch box... but some new computers don't have parallel port.
  9. JackR


    If you have my problem, it's space. Multiple printers need more space.

    If you do most of your printing from one computer set it up as the print server. I'm describing MSFT, not Linux or some other system. Then connect your other machines via your LAN. Odds are the print-server will be on when you need to print from one of the other machines.

    The other thing to think about is heat. If you are using a laserjet printer you will be adding to your heat load. If it is an inkjet, no problem. If it is a dot matrix you should be shot!

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    LOL! I just got rid of my dot printer a couple of months ago. It had been in storage, but I put it up for sale on Craig's List and somebody bought it for $50. There are actually still some uses which REQUIRE them.
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