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  1. Listening to the call to police dispatch from the banker in the home invasion case and it seems to me the dispatcher should have told the banker to tell the lady to stay in there, lock the bank doors and ask what her address is. Of course the woman would have a problem with it but at least her life would have been saved.
    Two steps: whats her address and call the nearest squad car and
    then swat over there. Why does this always happen with police dispatch? The best Justice is prevention.
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    Link? Dont know the story you are talking about.
  3. I like the idea of a dog and a gun. Might be enough cover.
  4. BARK. BARK. BANG. BANG... Sounds about right.

  5. When a man rapes and murders women, they should get death by impalement and it should be public. Screw the 8th amendment.
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    i think they should be castrated. so to, with child molesters.