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  1. As we know the sign of this store is orange and white.. now apparantly the color orange is an "emotional" color to the people of the world.. now taking this view into perspective knowing there are emotions involved in the market, shouldnt we be shorting this stock? imo this stock is doomed to go down to under $5 eventually and this can be a nice profit from these levels currently just alone on my opinion and point of view with color.. what do YOU think?
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    $5? Make sure you ask your grand children to cover it. This sector is recovering. Not rosy outlook yet but this sector will be market performer or maybe a little outperformer.
  3. Is that how you base you trading decisions on colors of the business signs? Some people make trading decisions by walking into a store and counting cash registers, if they are making sounds or not.
  4. Orange is a secondary color comprised of the primary colors, yellow and red. It emotionally triggers steadfastness, courage, confidence, friendliness, and cheerfulness.

    Its opposite effects are ignorance, inferiority, sluggishness and superiority.

  5. The only color I like is green and if HOME DEPOT can deliver I am all for it.

    Technically the charts looks great, price above 50 day MA and rising, downward trendline clearly broken and heavy volumes when market was down 400 points. That shows an institutional footprint, some funds etc buying into it. Right now price has formed a bullflag that will have a breakout to the upside most likely.
  6. Not a bad idea wsp, however, it needs some refinement.

  7. huh? wtf are you talking about?:confused:
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    Problem or NO Problem?

    am i seeing a problem where none exists or is this just the tip of the iceberg?

    went to HD today for vinyl flooring for one bathroom. while there i noticed that the parking lot was mostly empty, the store was the same (lots of employees, but few customers). in the flooring department the rolls of sheet vinyl products had 8 of 18 rolls empty and without any empty roll tubes even on it.

    i picked up a small piece of vinyl from the remnant section, went to the checkout, the cashier had problems getting the sale to ring up. she called for a manager, none were available for over 15 minutes to take her call, then the two of them tried to get the price correct...on the third try the price was low by 9 cents, they spent the next 10 minutes to get the price correct.

    what shocked me the most was they were worrying about 9 cents! YES, 9 cents! does this foretell of worse things to come?
  10. I've been alternating between Lowes and HD the last 2 mos (about 3 times a week I shop one place or the other). I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Lack of customers and cutting back on inventory is par for the course.

    The anal 9 cent misprice is obviously foolish and should not have happened in front of a customer. But this too is typical in todays retail, no one has authority, follow the rules, no exceptions, even if it means losing or alienating a customer.

    Cracks me up, climate control a 100,000 sq ft building to keep lumber at room tempeture when most of it stored outside in inclement weather on the job site. Chrisakes man, someone should invent a tarp to conserve energy.
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