Home Depot founder rips Obama WH as “tenured” academics

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  1. Not included here but I believe it was Bernie this morning who also suggested that Timmay Geithner be put on a reality show with his own money to run a business for 30 days. Said he'd never survive...

    Home Depot founder rips Obama WH as “tenured” academics, apologizes for creating jobs

    No one in the White House knows how to create jobs, and Bernie Marcus knows why. On CNBC, the founder of Home Depot blasted Barack Obama and his administration as a collection of tenured dilettantes who have never had to meet a payroll in their lives. Greg Hengler offers a couple of juicy excerpts from his appearance, especially when Marcus starts “apologizing” for having created over 300,000 jobs through the kind of entrepeneurship that the current White House wants to discourage:

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    Lest one think that all Marcus does is complain, he offers a suggestion to Obama to get in touch with the common folk:

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    Admit it — this makes you more inclined to start a new, do-it-yourself home improvement project, doesn’t it?
  2. He is waaay too kind. Career parasites is more accurate description, especially on the top of the WH . never run anything but his mouth.With teleprompter, of course.
  3. Home Depot founder rips Obama WH as “tenured” academics,

    My first thought with his press release of Warren. Another professor... sheesh.

    Ya know, business people, people with money, aka skin in the game, have a lot to lose, they should speak up.

    What has Obama got to lose? Not a gd thing.

    If you lose the ability to make a return on your investment, you've lost something. What is the worse that could happen to Obama, lose an election? So what for him and he knows it.
  4. Ricter


    Mr. Marcus, your company has had to let people go just like the rest of us. Before we hand you [the merchants] the reins of an empire, please tell us how HD has been looking after those folks since. What's that you say, they're not the company's "meet payroll" worry anymore? Must be nice.