Home Depot battle royale, what weapons do you choose?

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  1. So you are chosen to compete against 9 other people. All ten of you are locked in a standard Home Depot, that is dark except the emergency lights above the exits. The goal is to kill one another to become the last man standing, last person alive gets to leave.

    You are allowed to choose 3 pieces of equipment to aid you. Anything with a bar-code counts as one piece of equipment, for example, if you choose a nail gun, then a container of nails will be needed, so that would equal two pieces of equipment. You can use only the equipment you choose, no scalping from dead guys.

    What three weapons would you choose, and what would be your strategy?
  2. BSAM


    Were you abused as a child?
  3. Id use a trash can lid, a pitch fork, and a can of was spray.
  4. Lucrum


    Flashlight, the appropriate batteries, 3 - 4 foot length of lead pipe.

    I'd start off standing still in the darkest shadow I could find without having to roam too far. It's much easier to be quiet and listen for approaching competitors than trying to stalk them. When one is in range, I'd blind them with the flashlight then bash their head in with the pipe.
    The commotion would probably attract more of the poor bastards.
  5. A Home Depot? I go the the snack isle and chow down while the others die trying to find what they're looking for in the most disorganized store in history.:p
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  6. Do I get to go to security and use the cameras? You took the best idea, nail gun and nails. What am I going to use now, a venus flytrap and hope they stick their finger in it?
  7. are you planning something?

    anyways here is what i would use.


    and a lighter
  8. Three Fire Extinguishers should be more than enough. :p
  9. I'ed use the water spigots and the electric grid.
  10. Best idea. Don't forget your rubber boots. :D
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