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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Got a price on a 60l fermenter, and starter kit-cant wait!
    Supposed to hit 40 degrees today....which means im about a few weeks late, but what the heck.
    Presumably, some people must brew here?
  2. My son got a cheap kit for Christmas last year and it made some pretty damn good beer.

    Thinking about getting started in it, but I'm afraid I'd like it TOO much and turn alcoholic!

    From what I've heard and read, the most important thing is keeping all equipment absolutely sterile and clean. If any wild fungi and stuff get in there, it can turn to swamp water.
  3. Hmm, heard that, and i hate cleaning.
    Tonnes of info out there, but most of it from serious types who make all grain and stuff, not really sure what there on about.

    For that matter, most of these characters regard "everyday" pop beers as the devils work, like millers, bud, the main aussie beers, vb, carlton, tooheys, xxxx etc.
    Dunno, maybe they are watery, tasteless soap suds but i suspect these beer snobs are missing how effing hot it is, here at least-you want something you can slam down, chilled to near freezing without waiting to notice its aroma or delicate flavours.

    Fact is, i havent tasted a huge variety of beers, so will see what happens.
  4. Guiness, huh....could be an option down the track; i know ive tried it, buuuut strangely i dont recall what it tasted like:)

    Guunesh ekshtra shtoup......

    Ugh, they sold outta 60 l fermenters, so more waiting.

    What about scrumpy? Supposed to be great-not beer, not cider, not ginger beer...but a little bit like all of them. Sounds great!
  5. the real beer lover would never consider a scrumpy. LOL

    BEER is made to be THICK & DARK with lots flavor and Flavanoids.

    i wouldn't even consider trying anything else

    same goes for light beer. the 'light' beer is crafted for those that don't like beer in the first place

    to those peeps i recommend wine coolers blah :D