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    why do some traders still drive to an office, wear a suit, to go to an office to trade when they can trade at home?

    do you make more money trading in an office or same as at home.

    trading at home or trading with your pajamas on was dream in the early 90's mid 90's
  2. 1) Gregarious people would "feel" better in an office environment.
    2) Some people function better by dressing formally and commuting to an office.
    3) Some traders merely want to get away from their wife and children during the day.
    4) Some wives want their trader-husband out of the house during the day so that they don't get "under each other's skin".
    5) A commercial office space can have better technology and dataline feeds than a home office.
    6) Introverted people are slightly better suited to trade from home.
    7) Rookies would be well-advised to start off in an office before trading from home. :cool: