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  1. There seems to be no web site (other than Worldwidetraders.com which charges for access) that allows home based traders to find other traders in their area. I find that, being a home based full time trader, there are times when I would really like to meet with other traders in my area for an informal meeting.

    So I have set up a link off my home page for traders interested in meeting others to post where they live. Granted, the site isn't very pretty to look at, hopefully it will serve its purpose. Just go to Northshoretrading.8k.com and click on the "Nationwide Traders Board" link.

    I am located near Hartford, CT. Anyone else near there?
  2. N.Shore, is that Long Island, NY? If so, then attend the www.onlinetraderexpo.com or, it you're somewhere else, then plan on attending, networking, interviewing companies for their services and then finding out affilations/office local to your commute distance.

    Careful not to take "just any offering", because that's how some more unscruppulous firms specialized in growing their offices and branches. Won't name a few here, however, their names are well known, and many of them no longer exist because of their practices, although the same persons moved over to other "unsuspecting" firms.

    Careful to find a branch manager from whom you can add to your trading knowledge from. Careful to find an environment that "adds value" to you and your success, not just how quickly can you bang out tickets and ticket charges.

    Consider getting licensed and affiliating with a professional firm, with professional benefits and opportunities. Read through the broker ratings and other threads here in, and get a good ides.

    ((hope that helps))
  3. Many homebased traders post in the Elite Boards. If you go to conventions , like the On-Line Trading EXPO recently held in NYC, you will meet many professional home based traders. If you hang around these boards long enough, I bet you will meet traders from your area(within 100 miles).

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
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    if you are friendly with your broker ask him for email of traders living in your area or go to free seminar hold in your area to networking. I post ad in community newspaper get 2 response so far, Alexandria, VA.
  5. To take what nkhoi said a step further...a very easy way to meet traders in your area is via your computer system setup.

    What I mean is this...lets say your using MetaStock Pro realtime software. MetaStock has "USER GROUPS" all over the world...same with many other popular sofware programs.

    This is a rich source of not only meeting other traders in your general area but also meeting other traders using the same software.

    In fact, you can probably place ads on bulletin boards at local universities, junior colleges business offices, run a cheap ad in the newspaper and so on.

    It's what I did when I lived in Seattle, Washington for 11years. I formed a user group of QCharts users and TradeStation products (formerly Omega Research).

    In months, I had over about 50 members for each user group (all traders and active investors) chatting online via mIRC in live meetings, going out for beers, playing a game of flag football and so on.

    Your website is a good start but you may want (highly recommend) get rid of the pop-up ads that visitors hate.

    If money is an issue (you don't want to pay $14 per month for a basic website)...get a geocities homepage or Yahoo eGroup or a message board forum just for this particular issue and then submit them to all major search engines.

    I met 1/4 of my user group members in Seattle just because they came across it in a search engine or Yahoo Club (now part of eGroups).

    Also, be active in many different message board forums and make sure at the end of all your message posts or post signature...you include your location (City, State, Alumni Associations, etc) in hopes of catching someones eye that lives nearby.

    Good Luck.

    Nihaba Ashi
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys.
  7. long time ago I proposed to Baron that he creates a forum where traders can "organize" locally (by city, county or something like that). I eventually gave up meeting others in person and now have an online trading buddy I chat with during the day.

    I'm on the central cost in CA (San Luis Obispo / Santa Maria area) if anyone wants to meet for an informal talk at some point.

  8. Thanks for setting up a board for traders to correspond, but your site is pop-up hell.