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  2. Wow, 200USD a month! I should be rich, in one year I can make 2400USD...the same amout I can make in a week at my regular job!
  3. We're already doing the best home-based business there is...futures trading:)
  4. fan27


    Why don't re-take English 101 and then redesign your site.

    ie... "Online Traning"

    ie... "Business Associates Scheme"

    (I am sure it's a scheme. At least you are honest.)
  5. lindq


    Hmm. Working on the internet in the U.S. for an Indian company.

    Would that be called IN-sourcing, instead of OUT-sourcing?

    And would John Kerry be okay with that?
  6. vega


    I'm so happy that his/her first post here was so informative, it's great to see people adding value here instead of just trying to shamelessly peddle their product/scam.:mad:

  7. Any of you who are interested in a home-based business other than trading, drop me a PM and I'll tell you abt something explosive. Don't worry, it's free to signup for.
    Only if you're from US, Canada, or UK.
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    :D :D :D
  9. gms


    even sadder is that these people are so without any knowledge of making money that they're spending their time and effort with the dillusional belief that their spam/ads will bring in $$$ for them.

    Has anyone noticed the surge in "make money at home stuffing envelopes" ads as well?
  10. BSAM


    Yeah, funny you should bring that up. I was reading gobs of those envelope stuffing scam ads somewhere the other day. What's behind all that? How could anybody be that damn dumb?

    Quite to the contrary though, gms, I think some must be making some kickback on their ads......sure are a lot of people placing those ads all over the place.
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