Holy ****!

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  1. Damn 30 Ym pts in about half a second! Wow!
  2. I bet it is another "fat finger:" error. The middle finger that is..
  3. And then it dropped 60 pts just as quick. What the heck is going on today?
  4. 10:00am ISM #'s. Are you aware of economic #'s before they come out? If not you should look at this every morning: http://biz.yahoo.com/c/e.html
  5. ISM 65.1 vs 58.0 expected. Explains the pop up. Big bar down on emini was on very light volume. Bid and ask queues on emini look smaller than usual (don't see 500 bid or ask much). Big player's search for liquidity causes big volatility in thin markets. WELCOME TO AUGUST!!!
  6. News... news... news... Just another excuse to manipulate the market...
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    Not on my ES chart. The 5m 10:05 down-bar had 28.8K volume, the largest by far of the day. On the 1m the 10:05 down-bar had strong 5.7K vol and then the 10:07 had almost 8K (with the 10:08 at about 7.5K).
  8. You're right emini volume was up. I was watching the pit volume and it was down 15% between the up bar and the down bar. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Well Saddam should be dead again soon.

    I will venture around the 965 level.
  10. Good thing I slept in today :D

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