Holy Shit... Gse Takeover May Cost Gov Aaa

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  1. Oh my God... wouldn't that just be justice and a fitting end.

    I would say f'em they got what they deserved.

    I have always been a patriot and a republican. But what I've seen over the past year has sickened me. I have supported our military and our wars but the government has turned into something I won't support anymore.

    Free markets are all but gone... US transitioning into a socialist country.

    Out of all the people in the country Mccain and Obama are the best we can find?!!? Jesus Christ.

    WTF... but I guess Rome fell too.
  2. you are just making this up...moodys just came out and said this will not effect their AAA. post a link or don't post at all. also it's not like this will cause the govt to lose a lot of money on this relative to GDP. it would be 100 billion at the most by the estimates i have seen.
  3. No shit... I know Moody's just came out and said it won't.

    But I ask you this question my friend. Why would they even say that if people aren't thinking it?????

    Gotta read between the lines.
  4. What a clown you are. How many threads did you post today? 20?

    Oh, $DX up 0.6% today.
  5. Your estimates that you have seen are bullshit.
    THis is a 6 trillion dollar addition to the balance sheet.
    It's a liability.
    Yeah, the goovermint now owns houses...that no one will buy at these inflated prices...

    Can you say, 50% non conforming, evenutally?
  6. Wow... talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Don't worry mak I won't threaten your coveted 4000 post club status!! LMFAO!!

    I told you I'm not trading today. Just watching and fucking around.

    So you get to talk to an actual profitable trader during market hours... consider yourself lucky.
  7. the estimates are from barron's who has been dead right on this story the whole time.
  8. Then why post your gibberish in the trading forum? You realize there is a chit chat forum?
  9. Same here was a Republican from the 80s. They left my I dident leave them.
  10. Oh so sorry mak!! I'm not a professional poster like some people.

    Is this your formal interview to become a moderator for this sight!!! LMAO...

    Damn you are a joke.
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