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  1. no position here, but how the hell did they get $3 earnings and guiding $5 for 3Q!? I know they play a lot of games with accounting on the balance sheet, the same "one time expenses" are not included quarter after quarter, but this is just crazy.

    I'm not jumping in, but the momentum could carry this up 20 dollars or so tomorrow.
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    Whats even more crazy is the $10 Billion dollar+ market cap, what I also find interesting is how many websites offer the same thing priceline offers. There are dozens of websites just like priceline.
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    I just don't get it...........
    maybe they be misleading.
    ooooooga oooogaaaaa splat splat fart..........
  4. If a company with no real product, can make this much bank, what recession?

    When are the airlines going to cut out these middlemen anyway?
  5. The POS is up $40 in pre market. Keep it on the short radar.
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    This is a bot favorite. So the bots will bid it through the roof.
  7. Well, it's the only site I know of that gives you the ability to negotiate prices with hotels and what not.

    I think the thought of getting a good deal brings a lot of people to the site. Once there, even if you don't get a great deal it probably feels like you're getting the best available deal so you purchase from them.

    I'd credit a lot of their success to a strong advertising campaign.
  8. Its Shatner.

    Always was

    Without the Capt. this co would have been roadkill a decade ago.

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    i should have jumped on this.:mad:
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    If the 5 dollar is real and sustainable, then even at 100 dollars they would still be as expensive as AAPL.

    I will watch this one closely for any downward revisions, they will get absolutely slaughtered then.
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