holy moly.. lot of folks must have got wiped out with the BIDU surge

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by darwin666, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. BIDU.. surged to 620 momentarily.. plus stayed in the 590 range for some time.. must have triggered a lot of shorts covering liquidation.

    doesnt auto liquidation occur at 945 to 10 am..
    view the spike at 956am..

    boy . that must have taken out a lot of shorties..
  2. bb3pt


    That was crazy today, I saw it live! I wonder if they will reverse the trades today?
  3. I love how the premium sellers capitalized on the move. Personally

    Nice screen shot of the "during" option chain prices and the "after" option chain prices for March calls.
  4. A nice little intraday 15 min chart of the action as well. It all went down in 45 seconds. BTW for those that remember me it was my 72nd birthday yesterday...The old man still got it.

  5. these are the DAMN moments we wait a lifetime for !
  6. happy birthday $cost!

    Glad you are back, you know you can't get away from the markets even when retired hahaha,
    the best game in the world.
    Ain't nothing like being on the winning side of the markets.
  7. Holy Jesus