Holy $hiiiiiiit

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  1. Craziest f'n close I have ever seen in my life
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  3. It was fun! :p
  4. It was a bunch of crap....S&P, not only are they late to the game with the downgrades.....they choose 10 minutes prior to mkts closing to let the world know about it.

    What a bunch of schmucks!
  5. You're not kidding. I went to the bathroom and ended up coming back to taking a substantial loss--I gave up all my daily gains plus. It's horse$hit.

    MMs knew it was coming..
  6. That was a fun day..I really like the close. :)
  7. If for any reason the market is up around 2% tomorrow, be prepared for another "AMBAC/MBIA are about to get downgraded!" spook story to be applied to the rally with extreme prejudice. I'm not a conspiracy nut but it's been happening too often and in too finely timed a fashion to be purely coincidence. I don't pretend to know the details but Ackman, who's massively short AMBAC, has got to have some friends in the media.
  8. lol

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    Yeah, that was freakin nuts.
  10. I have to blame something, I wanted to blame my faith in the JReynolds Undication but I couldn't pawn it off on him..

    And I'm a douchbag for going to the bathroom because I'm healthy and i drink 2 gallons of water a day?

    $500 cash says you won't say that to my face. If you do you better have excellent medical coverage.
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