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  1. anyone understand this pictograph.
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    Huge selling some buying some selling some buying some selling huge buying.

    I don't know, it's late and had a few stouts lol
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    Red light green light?

  4. its a range expansion. These are the only variables that should matter to a trader.

    Weeks High
    Prev Days High
    Days High
    Days Low
    Prev Days Low
    Weeks Low
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  5. most people can only focus in on the open, the current days high and low and the previous days highs and lows. Its hard to remember past weeks price action.

    Its tough to do this but, thats where the risk lies, as more fear and greed enter the market place, the price tends to follow these rules.

    Stay long till it test days high and sell, but if it busts days high get long. And the samething applies when price is below the open.

    Its a combination of:

    1) open range trade
    2) reversion to mean
    3) trendfollowing

    As Jack would say, always stay in the market, stay in the direction of price movement, and reverse accordingly. Its much harder to do then it sounds. What ends up happening is your ego ends up taking a blow when you get chopped up, but the key is to trade small as possible initially then escalate as more emotion enters the market place.

    Eventually you just end up surfing the volatility waves.
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    Some good stuff in those last few posts Spectre2007
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    Nice post Spectre.