Holy Grail?

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  1. ja ja...

    This was mentioned a few weeks back...
  2. But, it was a good reminder as there are only 5 days left. I put a bid in for 650 - $6.50.

    I will keep the board posted.
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    Prreeeetyyyyyyyy . . . . .
  4. What happens when the spheres collide? A crash? :cool:

    Not to take this stuff to seriously, but it's a classic sign of a crackpot when someone thinks they have a brilliant idea, but want others to supply all of the money, expertise and labor to make it a reality. I used to read some physics newsgroups in the mid 90's, and there were dozens of posters who had these "brilliant ideas" which would solve the world's energy problems. Of course the only obstacle in their mind was finding the money to develop the idea, and they never did realize that the laws of thermodynamics were also an obstacle.
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    Actually, it reminds me of that guy(woman) in Africa or wherever who was starving to death even though he/she had millions in the U.S. he/she couldn't access (although he/she could access the internet) and offered to give you power of attorney to use all his/her millions if only you'd send a few thousand dollars so that he/she could buy food. Or something like that.

    Speaking of which, there was a thread here a while back by someone who'd actually begun and sustained email contact with one of these people as a gag. Incredible. If anybody remembers the thread and how to find it, it's absolutely classic.
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    That's a scam? MOTHER FU*&ER.

    I have been waiting 3 months to get my million dollars. That lying bastard.
  7. Did you send the money to the food?
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    Here you go:

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