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  1. Grob-

    Thanks for taking the time to form a reply. Although, I didn't
    expect you to attempt to provide some sort of documentation
    on the subject, certainly not an attempt at proof. It only weakens
    your credibility from my perspective, I respect your diligence nonetheless. Whatever the document is claiming, if it is gains for you in realtime then hip..hip to you.

    If your bullshit works for you, then who the hell am I to critique.

    Wasn't trying to, certainly wasn't trying to disprove a thing you said. Really wanted to know whether you believed what it was that you were saying.

    Question answered.

    I do however, completely disagree with your belief that the Futures market is as you put it, "Uncomplex" <- -still deciding
    on this cute little compound.

    you state: "futures indexes have two variables: price and volume. When one person wins the other does not.......""

    This is not true. A KISS scenario for you would be a long-term holder of a contract for any given point in the market/time by which the holder turns seller and relieves themself on the contract, to a buyer who intends to hold for a few seconds, at a few seconds later time said buyer realizes an appreciation of value in held contract then sells, to a oh, take a guess....

    the cycle continues.

    Hummm, I wonder how that looks in the equities market.....

    Oh, about the Econ 101 text. If you are still offering up advice for any given reader to go out and get or reread a copy, then you haven't realized what many others have.

    The text is useless. ;-)



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  2. Momotrdr,

    if someone responds to your post, you respect them LESS than if they acted like you didn't exist? Hmmmm....
    You are one interesting albeit convoluted individual :)

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  3. it's on a daily scale spanning back 2 years from present
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  4. ...thanks for the clarification. Are you planning to trade it? OT, re your handle, I think the word elemosynary every time I see it. Was meinte das auf englisch?
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  5. IMHO a system that is not mechanical is not a system.

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  6. Yeah, but how do you identify a trend, the rest is trivial.

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  7. If I know how to resolve the two "if"s mentioned above, there would be completely no "if" anymore. :confused: :mad: :D
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  8. Cheese


    "Having the holy grail is about you perceiving the market correctly; that means having a system that basically captures the daily price movement." Funky

    Yes. Correct.

    You quote impressive performance figures too .. well done!
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  9. hmmmm
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  10. ===

    The first '' if,'' id on a trend in a directional uptrend is easier to identify than ;
    riding it to max which is harder.

    Hit the books hard no matter what;
    but I would really hit the books hard & quick if I had trouble identifying uptrends in a bullmarket which arent as difficult as a bear,downtrend market:cool:
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