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  1. In order to preserve tabular alignment, it is best to use [ code ] and [ /code ] (without the spaces) before and after the table. This is explained here :


    And now for something completely different :

                           Long + Short       Long Only	Short Only	 Buy & Hold	
    Starting Capital	 $30,000.00	 $30,000.00	$30,000.00       $30,000.00
    Ending Capital  	$214,376.06	$214,376.06	$30,000.00	$132,096.57
    Net Profit	        $184,376.06	$184,376.06	     $0.00      $102,096.57
    Net Profit %    	    614.59%	    614.59%	     0.00%	    340.32%
    Annualized Gain %	    305.19%	    305.19%	     0.00%	    187.11%
    Exposure	             50.43%	     50.43%	     0.00%	    100.00%
    Number of Trades	         57	         57	         0	          1
    Avg Profit/Loss	          $3,234.67	  $3,234.67          $0.00	$102,096.57
    Avg Profit Loss %	    100.64%	    100.64%          0.00%	    340.32%
    Avg Bars Held                 58.93           58.93	      0.00	     355.00
    Winning Trades	                 55	         55	         0	          1
    Winning %	             96.49%	     96.49%            N/A	    100.00%
    Gross Profit     	$185,590.52	$185,590.52          $0.00	$102,096.57
    Avg Profit	          $3,374.37	  $3,374.37          $0.00	$102,096.57
    Avg Profit %	            104.51%	    104.51%          0.00%	    340.32%
    Avg Bars Held                 60.44	      60.44	      0.00	     355.00
    Max Consecutive	                 55              55              0	        N/A
    Losing Trades	                  2	          2	         0                0
    Losing %        	      3.51%           3.51%            N/A	      0.00%
    Gross Loss               $-1,214.46	 $-1,214.46          $0.00            $0.00
    Avg Loss	           $-607.23        $-607.23          $0.00            $0.00
    Avg Loss %	             -6.03%	     -6.03%	     0.00%            0.00%
    Avg Bars Held                 17.50           17.50           0.00             0.00
    Max Consecutive                   2	          2              0              N/A
    Max Drawdown	        $-22,177.09	$-22,177.09          $0.00	$-49,354.74
    Max Drawdown %	            -51.65%         -51.65%	     0.00%	    -65.08%
    Max Drawdown Date	 24/07/2003      24/07/2003            N/A       07/10/2003
    Wealth-Lab Score             292.65          292.65	      0.00            65.34
    Profit Factor	             152.82          152.82           0.00      	INF
    Recovery Factor                8.31	       8.31	       N/A             2.07
    Payoff Ratio	              17.34	      17.34	      0.00              INF
    Sharpe Ratio	               1.31            0.00	      0.99             1.31
    Ulcer Index	              15.13           15.13	      0.00	      29.81
    Wealth-Lab Error Term	      31.27	      31.27	      0.00	      32.53
    Wealth-Lab Reward Ratio	       9.76            9.76            N/A	       5.75
    Luck Coefficient	       1.06	       1.06	      0.00	       1.00
    Pessimistic Rate of Return   241.73          241.73	      0.00             0.00
    Equity Drop Ratio	       0.00	       0.00           0.00             0.00
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  2. dbphoenix


    The saga of Jack/Bubba/Grob makes The Lord of the Rings look like a pamphlet. There have been hundreds of posts debating whether or not he's full of crap, and they may very likely begin again, depending on how obnoxious he intends to be this time (he was recently banned).

    Is there anything of value in his ramblings? There just might be, if you decide to take the time to understand what he's talking about. Only a few claim to have been able to do so, but, as far as I know, nobody is making actual money.

    On the other hand, if you like taking the simple and making it into something extraordinarily and unnecessarily complex, Jack's your man.
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  3. No, the first stuff that you did not understand is passe.

    Some of this stuff with the PnL's and prints is going to get a little sophisticated.

    I had to weed out the losers the first time around to get to the place where they put me on ignore to get them out of my hair.

    This time out, a lot of people are really going to get down to making some money and making it consistently.

    Learning to make money is a process and it takes work. A lot of it. Nobody get to learn to make money without going through the process. You are going to do anything along that line.

    I count on leaving people who do not do processes by the wayside. A person has to check out every trade of every print. they have to get out the charts and the T&S and find just how the scene is set to pull it down all day long.

    If you do not set up your columns in the IB to be able to track in real time, you can't see the market flip from buyer to seller or vice versa.

    They had a few days of real trading contests on ET. any onewho traded with any degree of sophisitaction prompted pages of questions. Pages and pages for ten trades while most of the time the guy had to scale to not take a hit on one of his first trades. Who could see that on here? LOL.

    Nobodies rewinding the tape. People who want to learn to make money have to work through the process.

    Superficial skims of this or that don't even crack the door open.

    If a few people here start pulling down multiples of the daily H/L here, this place might pick up as an interesting place to visit.

    The days of a long trem average of 1 point a day are going to be history at some point alorund here.

    Guys like you and traderkay who calls me an asshole are not going to get a lot of respect after a while. It's over.

    People print; they get prints. People want watered down version while calling me a bullshitter at the same time, get watered down versions.

    People say I make it hard for them; fine they get repitition until they figure out I will stick with their needs until it gets clear for them.

    There is one thing that is absolutely clear to me. People who get rich help others to repeat their wealth building. People in communities all over the world help other people. If a person is wealthy, he can help out better.

    dbphoenix, you are a person who does not deserve the respect of anyone on ET. All you offer to me is disrespect. Your disrespect for me is one of the things that has lead ET to the place it has become. what I do here is continue to help people. That is all. I respond to people who have questions, concerns, issues, difficulties and so on. Anyone who is trying and forth right desreves help from others who are capable and earnst.

    At this point I have learned to take being called a bullshitter and an asshole. What matters to me is helping people who are going to help others and who are going to be rich and contributors to their communities. Others will not be so successful. They are trying however. Anyone who is trying deserves help. Anyone who is helping deserves respect.

    You tear down things. You fill the space with bad vibes.

    Park it. Get your act together. And grow up.

    Why don't you terminate your account here and set up a new one and behave like a person who has had someone help them out in the past. Anyone who helped you in the past is wondering what the problem is. Find out and start over. Your present name is never going to have any respect from people in ET.
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  4. ...without getting proprietary, is that an intraday or multiday system, and what was the time span of the backtest? Thanks. - Mike
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  5. ges


    See my sale on eBay. I have the Holy Grail and am taking bids.

    I can't guarantee it will work for you, but it IS genuine, bonafide, the real-deal.

    Actually, I have several to sell, so make me an offer.


    PS: no backsies...all sales final
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  6. ...thanks. It's like not having been sick for a year, then having to stay home for a week, and being completely lost as to what's going on in the soaps! Something wonderful happens when you make a little money trading. All of a sudden the intense self-inflicted pressure to succeed is off, and what you focus on is new ideas and trading better. Perhaps the present dialogue is best viewed with that perspective. Take the day off Monday! - Mike
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  7. dbphoenix


    At the beginning, I thought Jack might have something new to offer, but it wound up being the same old snake oil. Which isn't to say you won't get something out of it. If you can, more power to you.
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  8. VTTrader


    I personally like to toss fortune sticks on the floor whenever a trading opportunity comes up. I'm making tons of money doing this, though I'm losing even more, because I don't actually let them decide my course of action--I just like to throw the sticks down for no particular reason. And the wife gets really annoyed when there're dozens of the damn things lying underfoot by 4 PM.

    Someday I'll understand why I do this.
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  9. dbphoenix


    Try a Magic 8 Ball. Much less clutter.
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  10. *A* holy grail in a nutshell =

    If a trend can be identified - enter with the trend - assume that the trend will continue until it proves otherwise - if you find yourself on the correct side of the market then sit tight until the trend breaks (there are different trends in different timeframes - play out each trade within your chosen timeframe for that particular trade).

    Honor thy stops - keep losses small - keep losses small - keep losses small.

    Be willing to take a walk when your experience is telling you to do so.
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