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    The HOLY GRAIL would put you in possession of successful trading such that few or no one else has. Do you believe you can arrive (or have arrived) at a system or approach so good it is the HOLY GRAIL? Is it or will it be the begetter of your fortune?

    Here are my subsidiary questions.
    1. If a system/approach works well for you, is that just YOUR personal Holy Grail?
    2. If so can you still acknowledge that someone else may have a more effective system/knowledge who would then have a superior Holy Grail?
    3. Finally if a person can be doing much better than another who thinks he/she has his/her personal Holy Grail can anyone say there is not a HOLY GRAIL?

    Are you on the trail of the HOLY GRAIL? Is it going to be a mathematical formula, a statistical model, a system, a compendium of market knowledge or your personal skills and intuition?

    The Holy Grail: "Those who would search it out for its truths will always be touched by the knowledge that the search brings with it." (Source: http://www.the-spa.com/kirk.burkins/myths.htm)
  2. It's relatively simple semantics. Is holy grail 100% wins? No of course not. Is it consistently highly profitable trading? Yes. If we use the second definition, then Holy Grail is being achieved by 1000s of people every day, every week, every year. So there's an inherent semantics problem with its definition because under any reasonable definition this thing has been achieved by many while Holy Grail is defined as something un-attainable.
  3. Interested in knowing what would be the main characteristics and features of a Holy Grail. :confused:

    Perhaps I've already got one, though I myself don't even realised! :confused: :D :mad:
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    Hi Traderkay. I have used the term YOUR Holy Grail for someone who has arrived at a regular good position .. successful trading. Now the HOLY GRAIL as the one only or something only the few can achieve is the point of this question.

    The quest for the HOLY GRAIL does seem to implicitly underscore much that appears on the Elite Trader bb's.

    Only asking of course.
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    OddTrader, hi.

    The HOLY GRAIL would build you a massive fortune. Heres my personal definition of the HOLY GRAIL. Its a system/methodology which has established the pre-determinates/probabilities for one or more markets (ie Dow). You run it each day like a big scoop to take out each days winnings from that market.

    Would it be only wins; no, it could include some losses incidental to its week on week success. It will essentally be daily in that it will be scooping up the differentials between the top and bottom of the days major gyrations. It may be quite blunt bringing in its catch of wins without getting the actual exact tops and bottoms of major daily gyrations.

    You would be prepared to say you have it or getting nearer to having it but never give up the details. You would not want anyone else using it to hit your market in big volume. You would stake up on it .. the HOLY GRAIL!
  6. ...I found the Holy Thimble. It is my first system to make more than minimum wage and to pay for my subscription and data expenses. Now I am looking for the Holy Coffee Cup, which will help me start to climb out of the deep investment hole I dug in my quest for the Holy Thimble.

    Wanna buy one of my minimum wage systems? Makes more than your money market account! A couple of them tend to go sideways for a month, but they teach faith. The ones with 40% drawdown teach equanimity. The ones which trade only once every three days teach patience. Earn while you learn!

  7. I trust you must own the Holy Grail, as only an owner of it would know well what are its characteristics and features. :D :) :cool:
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    Sometimes I think I have The Holy Grail, but it turns out to be a Holey Spaghetti Collander. :p
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    OddTrader, well, very smart observation .. but could anyone say they OWN it? Perhaps, hold it in trust .. for so long as it is building you a fortune.
  10. I used to have a holy grail and it made 200% per month. Now I,m lucky if I have a pot to piss in. Guess I should have tithed.

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