Holy grail to daytrading

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  1. track a stock that has alot of volume and orders going though. i recommend goog and aapl.

    Then using a stat program mark each change in price that happens in a 30 second interval.

    so if the price is 60.9 at 1:30:30

    and 60.8 at 1:31:00 you would get -.10 since you subtract the two price values.

    Then take absolute value and you get =.10

    Do this for a couple hours and compute the mean and stnadard diviation for all these tics using stat program.

    then when the stock you are following hits a DAILY LOW wait for a rebound. if the rbeound creates an interval change that falls more then 2.5-3 standard diviations form the mean you buy.

    The stock will keep going higher for awhile since it sharply rebounded from the low of day according to the stats.

    Go make some $$$
  2. Nahhh, there's an easier way to make a million...

    Just do the opposite of what thorny sez!

    Thorn sez the market is at a top = Market Moving Higher.

    Thorn sez the S&P will close down = S&P Will Close Up.

    Simple, in't it? :D
  3. lindq


    I'd be interested to know how you determine when a stock hits a DAILY LOW in real time.

    If you can tell me how you pull off that trick I have a very big check waiting for you.

  4. LOL, I think it only works when you paper trade and look back.
  5. Say it aint so :D
  6. I think it would also work if you are good at time travel.
  7. Daily low as in previous day's low? I hope you mean that, otherwise how in the world can I find today's low unless I have my crystal ball?
  8. Maybe he means a new low for the day?