Holy Grail indicator for sale

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  1. as indicators go, this one actually looks pretty interesting but it would be easy to duplicate. Just mess with a MACD crossing some sort of stochastics.
  2. I will give them this; their site is probably the best indicator for sale site I have ever seen. They post tons of charts, and will email you specific charts with specific indicators on them if you ask, so you can see how it would have performed in specific instances. This is unlike most companies that show you one chart of some crappy indicator and then want hundreds of dollars for it.

    That being said, holy grail? Seriously? Looks like MA trend following to me.

    And a lot of their charts have bullshit entry points marked. Sometimes they have you entering on the bar when a color change occurs. That's bullshit. At best you can enter on the first tic of the next bar, NOT at the beggining of the bar in which the color change took place because you would have had no idea that the bar was going to change color on that bar, and if it did, you had no idea that it was not going to change back somewhere while the bar is being built.
  3. The charts depict easy to trade markets. If they sell some sort of scanner to find markets that will trend like that in the future, that will be worth something.
  4. Sounds like the OP is affiliated with the site.

    Anyway, the oscillator looks good because the market's waves are clearly structured on that fractal, as soon as it chops a bit, the thing goes to hell and starts blinking buys and sells like it does on the little spot there where it was consolidated.

    Learn to trade, indicators are for neophytes.
  5. Evidently I'm on the wrong side of the business. :p