holy grail for sale

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  1. 10,000$, limited to first 10
  2. lol.... Please....
  3. Nice presentation
  4. fishing


    i buy 10 so no one else can have
  5. deal:)
  6. This is hilarious. Never mind that I've tried to hawk my pairs trading method and still am for $8.5 million.

    Maybe start a p/l thread with it, or go to collective2.com or worldcupadvisor.com and demo it for people.
  7. i have one at collective2 http://www.collective2.com/cgi-perl/c2systems.mpl?systemid=37007906
  8. Been waiting so long for this thread, hallefuckingluuuujahh!!!! :>)
  9. win/fail ? :confused:
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