Holy Goldman Sachs

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  1. mcurto


    Came in and bought 35,000 ten years this morning from 111-15.5 up to 111-21.5, pretty much all on screen. Hardy selling all the way up, in the process right now of trying to push it back lower, just twice offered 5000 in the pit. Hearing rate lock unwind cause Goldman was size seller couple weeks ago when huge supply came through. Any thoughts?
  2. 35,000 :confused: How does hardy look now? can you see him from your spot down there?
  3. mcurto


    He is not physically in pit but his two guys in there didn't look too happy this morning. I would imagine he sold at least half of those on way up. Twice offered 5,000 in pit about half an hour ago, now bid up to highs again. Very strange.
  4. mcurto


    15,000 more bought, Goldman in the pit on 1,000. New highs again. Make it total of 50,000 all day across the whole range. Unbelievable.
  5. Great posts today Mike - thanks.

    (I've never ever told a vendor on ET that before ... Wow.)

    *In case it isn't apparent, I'm putting my comment on the board rather than pm in the hope that Baron cuts you some slack, should it ever come to that.

    ** I would also like to suggest that you simply start a Journal in which you occasionally post comments as you've done today. That way, you won't need to be constantly starting new threads, and the rest of us will know were to look for any new comments from the pit.

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    Ok, should we start a thread kind of like that old "t-notes today" thread? Maybe call it "CBOT Bonds". Any suggestions welcomed.
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    On your site it says "Bondsquawk.com is a product of Alaron Futures and Options". Who are you associated with at Alaron. I use to work there (still trade with them), does Steve own part of your company?
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    Essentially we use Alaron for floor clearance purposes since I am not yet a member of the CBOT. I do not really know anyone at Alaron but my boss does.
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    NEW YORK, July 19 (Reuters) - Treasuries prices rose on Tuesday amid views that the increase in bond yields over the past three weeks already reflects Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's optimism about the economy.
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    Is the point of the thread to show you know what GS is doing?

    Unless you run with the momentum of the trade, following a broker dealer can be painful. For all you know, its another side of a hedge, which will get unwound in cash, and the futures offset
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