Holy G, US government is running a Madoff like ponzi scheme on the world

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Ribs, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Ribs


    US can not pay off its debt

    the interest it being paid out of NEW money (debt) coming in

    oh man this isn't good :eek:
  2. Ribs


    lets keep those nukes well oiled just in case

    they can't do nothing to USA as long as it has the power
  3. The biggest ponzi scheme is Social Security. The government is really good at only one thing - running ponzi schemes.

    with that much experience, you'd have thought they would have sniffed out Madoff a long time ago.
  4. And good for grandstanding for the camera chastising bank CEO's

    Some of them couldn't get the CEO's names right and for sure many of them didn't know the difference between what Citigroup does and what Goldman does. Blankfein had to say "er, we're not in the consumer lending business"

    Meanwhile half of them were pushing banks to lend to the very people that are now calling themselves "victims".

    no wonder gold broke out again today.

    Yes OP, government finance and transparency is just like a Ponzi operation
  5. BabyDrew


    Yup...just look at the Roman Empire.

    Oh wait a minute, Rome collapsed from the inside.

    A strong military doesn't mean anything. Power comes through trade and the US is ridiculously dependent on foreign countries. If you cut the lifeline, the strongest of giants will fall.
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    I know, my posts are designed to teach not just blurt out info :)
  7. loads of countries have nukes