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  1. What a move!!!!!!!!!
  2. Still looking for reasons to get short, like the divergence in the Transports?

  3. Today was a day for the bulls and the bears.
  4. Todays move perfectly decribes the current market scenario - there is clearly a balance in the battle between bulls and bears. It has been like this since Feb.
  5. Get long GPS....I need to buy new boxer briefs!:D

  6. posted on some other thread that this was full-moon Friday and to expect a wild ride... I reiterate that this triple-witch expiry will also be CRAZY!

    I actually wore a set belt this morning...

    :eek: :eek:

    pass the air sickness bag, merci !


  7. Mecro


    Great first hour, thought I was gonna do all 2-3 hour shorts, ended up grabbing quick longs.

    Best Friday I've had in over a month. 11:30, I'm done trading, taking my money and off to get ready to party.
  8. Try trading the ES lately?

  9. Arnie


    scalped LGND and TLCV long. Pretty amazing action especially on spoos, which broke serious resistance @ 1158.75. Thought sure we would sell off hard, and we may still, but so far looks like the bulls in control.:D
  10. All the talking heads on the financial news pre market were saying we would sell off today. A sure sign not to short.
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