Holy Cr*p ISLD blocked from providing QQQ ,DIA, and SPY full book quotes

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  1. If the only thing that happens is the removal or nuke-age of my post, then this country is not quite there yet.
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  2. I am not suggesting anyone should kill anyone. On the contrary, if you ask me directly, I very much oppose any war. All I am saying is that violation of UN resolutions or illegal possession of weapons of mass destruction would not make as strong a case against Iraq as it would against Israel. ... if the jury were objective.
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    I am only going by what ISLD is saying in their docs. The key here is that an ECN can trade through or cross on quotes, but *not* if the ECN does more than 5% of the total volume. ISLD does much greater than 5% on the ETFs and SEC is clamping down on them. ISLD can do whatever it wants, for instance, on the thin shares it trades on AOL because less than 5% of the AOL volume is done on ISLD. Which is why ISLD is saying this is only affecting certain symbols (i.e. the ETF products).

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  4. A textbook case, I'd say.
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    Lobster, I think the U.S. is a beacon of peace to the free world. How many countries step up and do the right thing like we've done over time? How much land have we taken in the last 200+ years as a nation without paying for it? I know the indians were crowded onto reservations (yeah, yeah), but at least they can still make cool fireworks, and operate Casino's! Hawaii was a good purchase and we bought Alaska from the Soviets. I thought Canada would've been nice in our Portfolio, but they haven't come up with a firm purchase price yet. We are waiting for the Canadian dollar to drop another 20% so we can do a hostile takeover.

    People are just jealous of us because we can buy them or destroy them. The fact that we took the smartest path in the evolution of our country doesn't make us bad.

    And Israel is blessed for a reason. Read about what the Arab states have been trying to do to them since they formed their country. Pretty interesting.
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  6. No offense Ddefina, but you should read some history. The US has been involved directly or indirectly in making war non-stop since WW 2.
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    No offense taken. So after WWII we had Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom).

    Korea was to protect South Korea from the invading Communist North.

    Vietnam was to protect South Vietnam from the invading Communist North.

    Desert Storm was to protect Kuwait from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

    Afghanistan was to destroy the Al Queda network (who attacked America) which was supported by the Taliban regime.

    Do you find a problem with any of these wars. Are you a communist sympathizer?

    I hope you don't live in America, and reap her bounty while defaming her name.
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    All posters to this thread:

    We are starting to wander way off topic. Please feel free to continue the war and history portions of the discussion in the appropriate alternative forum.

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  9. I am not sure I understand. From the first post it seemed we will no longer have access to ISLD depth, now the IB communique sounds like there is no more ISLD quotes at all for the ETF's. This is just crazy! WTF is happening to America? Can you tell me ?
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