Holy Cr*p ISLD blocked from providing QQQ ,DIA, and SPY full book quotes

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    With the rules saying that markets cannot cross or trade through the spread, it seems to me this slows down any market to match the slowest mover...in this case the AMEX floor. If ISLD doesn't display *and* rejects orders that would trade thorugh the "national" spread, then it also seems to me that ISLD can no longer lead the AMEX QQQ quote feed like it did up to today. There would seem to be other effects we can expect. For instance ISLD can no longer instantly match because even if it has a match it needs to check first to make sure it does not trade through the spread ("hey sleepy-head, is it okay for me to fill these orders?"). At worst you do not get a fill at all (rejected), or even if you do get a fill I wonder if this extra step multiplied by the number of attempted trades would slow them down noticeably.

    I used to regard the ISLD book (and NQ) as being closer to reality than the QQQ chart which consistently lags and is filled with prints that come in at varying degrees of lateness. Those days seem to be over. I guess it's going to be time to watch and perhaps send a few experimental 100 share trades via different routes to see how things are forming up. :(

    And I really wish someone would publish SEC's fax number so that we can all send in our ISLD testimonials...

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    Important Notice for Active Traders
    Following recent SEC actions, The Island ECN® will no longer disseminate its order book information in QQQ, DIA, SPY, SMH and MKH. This change is effective September 23, 2002. For more information, please visit http://www.island.com/etfchange.asp
    *You can access quote data for these securities via Streamer® Real Time Quotes.*

    (Datek is proprietary of Island ECN);

    See also http://www.island.com/etfchange.asp:

    Island looks forward to working with the SEC and the U.S. Congress to revise the current regulatory structure so that Island can again disseminate its subscriber order information in all securities.

    To assist us in this effort, we request that you sign the Island Testimonial (PDF, 5.4k) (if you have not already done so) and fax back to 212-231-5069, or send us your own letter regarding your ability to use Island to obtain quality executions. Island is committed to working on your behalf to operate the most efficient, liquid and transparent market possible. We look forward to working with you in the months ahead.
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    David I

  4. probably this thing with the Amex is revenge against island for moving their quote business to the cincinatti exchange.. if i remember correctly didnt nasdaq acquire amex a year or so ago? and with the battle between supermontage and the ecns still going hot and heavy, this is a pretty stiff blow to island.. but, i would imagine there will be lawsuits forthcoming from island/instinet.. and the SEC? theyre a disgrace to the free enterprise..

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  5. I think this says it all--you can't have a slow speed specialist, floor-based system AND an electronic ECN market operating together. I know the NYSE pretends to do it, but they just seem to ignore the ECN quotes. Hard to do when they are getting all the action, as on QQQ.

    The simple solution is for Island and CINN to come up with their own index product. Perhaps that is what they will do. Let the AMEX floor diddle themselves, until they go broke.
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  6. Do the rules really say this? Wow. At least on the NYSE, they have to acknowledge every quote from every 'exchange,' but, of course, that doesn't prevent them from effectively ignoring them, which they mostly do.
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    May all MM's and Specialists join the dinosaurs, and increase our oil reserves. To hell with the Amex, NYSE, and NASD. A bunch of greedy crooks trying to keep their scam alive. Down with humans in the middle. :D
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  9. i submit that the post above is not removed, it is nuked.
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    Are you suggesting we kill the Jews Lobster??? I hope you don't live in the US. A brainwashed liberal from our fine socialist school system.
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