Holy Cr*p ISLD blocked from providing QQQ ,DIA, and SPY full book quotes

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by stock777, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. if one goes to the site next week one should be able to see
    the order book ...

    so even if it does not show up on your brokers screen

    one should be able to see and execute the limit orders
    there (?)

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  2. I am beginning to think a National Moratorium On Trading Day is needed to get the attention of Nasdaq/Amex. Hit them where it hurts. Why trade these instruments anyway when the globex futures are so much better?
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  3. get rid of those ^&%%^% SPY and QQQ's....they suck anyway compared to the e-minis...

    or why not just create a new OTC instrument to obviate the need for SPY, DIA, and QQQ??? frankly, there's no point in having these instruments anyway, so maybe they'll just die, like the options markets and AMEX are dying...

    could be created anywhere - IB, island, listen up - all it takes is one firm with deep pockets and one exchange...

    then again, SSF's (if they ever appear) would pretty much kill the stock markets and make the financial markets pretty much survival of the fittest anyway - as they should be, which they are not (the existence of the AMEX proves this fact)...

    "...he said 'take em both out - i don't f**kin need em - i'll just grow gills and breathe like a fish!" -dennis leary
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  4. cheeks


    Good point.

    The boys at the merc must be smiling over this one. Damn if they haven't been the beneficiary of the SEC lately. First, PDT. Then SSF. now some bs like this............I'm starting to wonder if someone in Chicago has a picture of ole Harvey in a little "exchange" with his secretary.:D
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  5. Tony01


    I agree this will definitely make futures trading even more attractive.
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  6. Minime


    Why would anyone trade the Q's and Spy's over the futures anyway? As a business person, paying more than twice what you should in commissions to somebody for no benefit is poor management. And the waste of capital that could be put to better use represents another bad business decision. Survival of the fittest I say. :D
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  7. well, there were about 75 million shares traded today - that does not look like their are dying anytime soon. what possible benefit for traders and investors could there be for this?

    you can tell by my user name, that this is bad news. why not balckout the L2, ban internet trading and put stock brokers back in business!
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  8. It's really scary to see what's going on in the securities industry. Hope we won't see the same BS in the futures market. It sure sucks we won't be able to see the depth of market for ETF's however in my trading I have never seen the ISLD book as very useful for the Q's anyway.
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  9. what happened to free and open market ????

    Outrageous ??? and who is watching the specialists ????

    what will be the best way to get a fill now on island ??? a limit order IOC over the market ???

    Does anyone know when isld and inca books will be merging ?? and if they will accept mkt orders ??
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  10. most of that volume is the hedge funds arbing the Q's against the underlying futures contracts.

    if you look at where those shares were traded, you'll find that most of them are traded thru ISLD and BRUT with huge computers running UNIX; AMEX and NYSE can't process the orders fast enough...

    as I do not use arb strategies myself, i could care less about their problems.

    L2 was invented by the naz in the same way that the openbook was created by the NYSE - to screw with the minds of the prop/retail traders who watch it.
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