holy cow shorts getting vaporized in crude these last 40 minutes!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, May 25, 2010.

  1. Haven`t seen that in a while.
  2. S2007S


    Buy some UCO and sit quietly for a 10% gain.
  3. heech


    It was only a little over a buck off the bottom.

    Last week, we had several intraday melt-ups of $2.00+. (Usually followed by $2.00 melt-downs). Just crazy intraday volatility.
  4. At 1:15 ish it went from 68.10 to 69.30 by 1:50 cst.
  5. I grant you if you are talking about the expiring front month on the last day of trading, going from 68 to 64 and back to 68 in very short time.

    However, did you check out those bid ask spreads that day, sometimes they were like 50 cents.

    That was just major mess with it b/c you can type bs trading.
  6. heech


    No, not illiquid expiring month. I'm talking July crude last week.

    On May 20th, at 13:00 CLN0 was trading at $68.80. 25 minutes later, it was trading at $70.20. If you look at a longer horizon, in 90 minutes, CLN0 actually went up $2.40 (from $68.80 to $71.20).

    On May 21st, at 9:35 AM (EST) CLN0 hit a low of $69. 35 minutes later it hit $1.80 higher.

    Later same day, 11:00 AM, CLN0 was trading down at $69.80. 30 minutes later, it was up +$1.20.
  7. That was a nice move up after the pit closed.

    So much for those s&p shorts who were hoping for a dump on the close like yes yesterday, had to cover at the close.
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    Anyone buy this around $8.50 like I mentioned???

    If so take that 10% nice and loudly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Trading up to $9.67!!!!!!