Holy Bernanke!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. sheesh ... maybe he can move markets too like greenie did

  2. das mah niggah yo, he luving bear steak an das mah fav eats too

  3. Really, I never heard of slowing growth being bullish, this seems more options related.
  4. hes hinting at stopping raising rates. so the market likes it. but its a lie. like it has been for the past 7 hikes and like it will be for the next 30.
  5. pattersb

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    yeah ... what the hell happened?

    wwwIII, surging oil, inflation increasing, growth slowing ...

    and me caught transferring accounts ... :mad:
  6. I can not belive this Fed dope would say core inflation should decline. He has set himself up real good here to look like a complete fool.

    Oil and hurricane season are coming. We shall all see what a boob this guy really is.
  7. fletch2


    It's a nice little accounting fraud, isn't it?

  8. Im sure that how bernake talks when he isn't at his job..lol
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