Holocaust" Side Effect

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    by Tom Mysiewicz

    As you can see from the latest item from Israel National News (below) the international community is OBLIGATED to defend the existence of Israel. Why? Because of the "Holocaust". What does this mean? It means that every non-Jew is "guilty" (has blood guilt) for the alleged crime--not just Germans--and is obligated to pay an unlimited amount of reparations (up to their very lives) to make amends. And even the deaths of the non-Jew (goyim) will not be enough and will not restore them to goodness in the eye of world Jewry. This is a debt that can NEVER be repaid. Kind of like a poor Indian whose family is indebted for generations for a debt that was originally but a few rupees.

    Just remember this as the Israelis fly over Lebanon and send their troops on illegal incursions, provoke the Syrians into calling up military reserves, they threaten to nuke Iran, humiliate the Turks, torture the Gazans, and raise hell in general--maybe start a new world war--all of the non-Jews will be called upon to foot the bill.

    For my part, as an American, I am outraged at this arrogance. My own father flew on a bomber crew and was seriously wounded in the Second World War. The shrapnel in his body tormented him for life. But this act of saving the Jews--who declared war on Germany in the early 1930s--is apparently not enough for them. The death of hundreds of thousands of Americans saving the Jews (allegedly) is not enough. The squandering of a billion 1940 dollars is not enough. The payment of trillions of dollars in direct and indirect assistance to Israel is not enough. The bankruptcy of the U.S. is not enough.

    In fact, in the eyes of world Jewry, the Americans are nearly as responsible to the Jews as the Germans. So is everybody else.

    So keep building those "Holocaust" memorials and museums. They are monuments to YOUR guilt.


    ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS--24 January 2010

    by Hillel Fendel

    The government has dedicated today's meeting to the memory of the six million Jews starved, tortured and massacred in the Holocaust. This Wednesday, the United Nations and at least 20 countries will mark International Holocaust Day.

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, speaking at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, said, "I hope the United Nations will remember what happened when the Jews did not have a state - and the privilege and obligation of the international community to defend the Jewish State's existence."

    The date of January 27 was chosen for this purpose in 2005 because it was the day, in 1945, that the Russian Army liberated the Nazis' Auschwitz death camp. Germany, Britain and some other countries commemorated Holocaust Day on this date even before the UN adopted it.
    Former Israel Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, who survived the Holocaust as a child, participated in the special Cabinet session. Rabbi Lau also serves as Chairman of Yad VaShem.

    Netanyahu displayed a photograph of a survivor holding her great-granddaughter 's hand. The survivor's tattooed number is clearly visible on her arm, and the photo will be displayed at the UN as well.
    "This is the essence of the history of Zionism," Netanyahu said.

    On Wednesday, a special ceremony will be held at Auschwitz, where about one million Jews were murdered and massacred. Among the participants will be President Shimon Peres, Rabbi Lau, the president and prime minister of Poland, and the Chief Rabbis of Poland and Lodz.
    Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the German concentration camps, was named for the two towns the camp in and around which the camp was built; the Germans essentially destroyed the small Polish village of Birkenau to make way for it. Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler designated Auschwitz as the site of the "final solution of the Jewish question in Europe," and it received transport trains of Jews from all over Nazi-occupied Europe for 30 months, until late 1944.

    Some 1.1 million people, 90% of them Jews, were killed in the camp's gas chambers or died of starvation, forced labor, disease, medical experiment, shooting, beatings, and the like.
  2. Then lets have a personal day for all groups of people who were killed, tortured, etc.

    In America alone we will have a black man's day, a Native American Indian day, women's day, a Chinese railroad workers day, a witches day, etc.

    I imagine if we put our heads to it, we can have a day like this every day of the year, as surely there are at least 365 groups around the world who have been mistreated throughout human history that we can remember so as not to repeat man's inhumanity toward man...

    Why restrict it to just Jews? Surely the Jews understand that their holocaust is not the only, nor the worst of a collective abuse of one race, religious, ethnic, gender, or preference group...