Holo-hoax and the Sept 11th scam

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  1. Do you realize that we do not have the freedom to even question the official story or events about these two issues?

    And yet they are shoved down our throats daily and used to control us.

    If you DARE to question these two events in public you will either lose your job, your friend group, or be imprisioned, or be locked away in a mental ward and drugged up. It's clear, only the most insane lunatic would question these events, that is not up for discussion.

    There is ZERO freedom for healthy discussion.
    I'm sure you can, in say China, but not in our locked down military oil junta.

    But let's see who gained from these events:

    WW2: Israel got its own State. Sure, 10's of millions of non-Israelis had to die but it was worth it. they got their own state.

    Sept 11th: The Zionist media had this one solved 10 minutes after it occured. No investigatrion needed! The obvious solution? Start a war for Israel. Launch a holy genocide, fought as per usual with American lives. Sure, 10,000's of non-Israels are dying but that's worth it. You cannot compare an Israeli death with a non-Israeli death - there is no comparison!

    It does not matter if 10, or 1000, or 10,000, 100,000 people know the real truth. If you control the media then it never gets out.

    All I ask of you is please watch and think: watch news "stories" are shoved at as, used to take our money. For every news story ask yourself this one question: Who benefits? And pay attention to the name, look atr who is pumping the vile filth into our minds via TV News, Movies, and the Porn industry.

    Leading us astray with depraved and sub-human activities.

    I'm not even a bible thumper but I can see that we need to get back to normal, non-violent, behaviors.
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    And all of this is taking place in Toronto, Ontario?
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    I'm sorry the Jews are controlling you and are shoving, well whatever it is you are talking about, down your throat. If I could explain to you how I avoided being enslaved by the Jews, I'd give you a step by step guide to free yourself. But the sad fact is that I somehow escaped without even knowing it.

    Best of luck to you, everybody deserves to be happy, and I hope you can be happy one day yourself.

    Hey, I've heard Jews are pretty wimpy, so if you give me the name of one that is oppressing you I'll kick his ass for you. I'm in pretty good shape and can be a mean SOB after a few beers.

    Hey, wait a minute - is that guy who used to post here? Timmay everybody called him. Oh man, I hope so. I'll kick his ass up one side of the street and down the other. Oh please let it be him!!
  4. I would recommend not questioning the kreation of this world. That could be interpreted as anti-shamitic. You could lose your job as a carpenter. You might be betrayed or imprisoned....lose your friends. They might try to drug you up or crucify you. Worse, they might put you on ignore!

  5. Actaully I'd say I am pretty happy. I do not have to down 6 beers to feel good nor do I use drugs legal or illegal. I exercise and eat well, read, and rarely watch TV. I'd say my life is quite balanced.

    Now that we are done with the personal attacks, no one is controlling me either.

    I dare ya, try to call for an open and honest investigation into any of those topics and see how far you get, how much "freedom" we really have.

    Oh well, guzzle a few beers go back to your violent video games, movie fantasy world, endless TV sports to disctract us, and send your kids overseas to participate in Israel's State-sponsored violence. Just following orders...

    I'm not sure why some people brought up religion when I didn;t not mention it; this has little to do with any religion it's just our Death Cult that we live in.
  6. I brought it up because each aspect of the world describes its genesis and maintainance. That is why it is so easy to come up with parables. Your example parables my own. One is a micro view, the other a macro view. Oh well, so long as we can have a micro brew!

  8. While the idea that the jews had anything to do with starting WW2 is so absurd that it's not even worth discussing, I would like to note that the Jews fought against the Nazis, they fought in british, russian and american armies, Jews were over-represented at all levels of the French resistance etc.

    Overall, some 300,000 Jewish soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines died serving in the armys of the United Nations in World War II; and nearly 1,500,000 Jewish servicemen served in the armies of the United Nations.

    The arabs and muslims on the other hand were allied with Hitler and the Nazis. Nothing unfortunately has changed.
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    I believe the Ba'ath Party was even modeled after the Nazi Party.
  10. What planet are you on?

    I've lost track of all the conspiracy websites and blogs dedicated to the 911 'hoax" alone. There is an entire industry wrapped around this now, and not only do they say what they want, they can just make shit up. Nothing happens to them. There are quite a few conspiracy oriented people here on ET as well, although I am not sure what it has to do with trading.

    Most people don't discuss it in public because its a deep and nasty wound here in America. Similar to discussing about the brutal rape and murder of someone, with their relative. Same concept. Sorry you can't understand that.
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