Hollywood's portrayal of USA

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    Last night I was watching James Stewart in a western movie set in Dawson City. It is a recurring theme of these old movies of a gang taking over a town by force. In this one they were robbing the others of their gold claims along a river. Jimmy S.'s character ends up cleaning out the gang - mostly by shooting them.

    This story line is so often told that one wonders if it was " the norm " or what ! Perhaps it still lingers even now.

    Anyway, it's a good story - but just how much credibility should foreigners looking in on the USA give it ?

    I would like to hear from people actually resident to tell their stories. Use a pseudonym if you feel you need to. Does a gang control your area ? Is this capitalism at work ?
  2. It's a movie made from fantasy. It's intended to draw an audience, which draws sponsors and advertising. It is capitalism at work.

    Those James Bond-like movies where people are killed and made to look like an accident, that's all fantasy. If it were real, Khaddafi & Ahmadinejad would've been killed many moons ago.

    BTW, Hollywood emigrated to Canada. Only high budget movies are made here. [​IMG]
  3. I hope we kill Ahmedinijad soon.
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    As for me

    In the UK we still have the remains of the old system. Pre-industrial age where there is an isolated village, which is run by the Squire, who owns most of the land,the vicar who runs the church and the teacher who runs the school.
    It changed a bit 60 years ago when the squire converted to Catholicism. And now there is a policeman. Most of the villagers used to work for the big landowners nearby, but now commute to surrounding towns.

    Something similiar I guess without the sixguns