Hollywood event nets $15 million for Obama

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    Dinner with Clooney, Obama nets $15 million

    (CNN) - There are bundlers - the mega-fundraisers who collect checks from friends and contacts, then forward them to campaigns - and then there's George Clooney.

    Clooney did something that few, if any, bundlers have done this year for President Barack Obama's campaign: rake in $15 million dollars, a figure provided to CNN by a top Democratic source.

    The campaign raffled two tickets to join Clooney and Obama at the movie star's Los Angeles home for a dinner on Thursday. The campaign said last week that it had raked in $6 million by selling tickets for 150 guests, suggesting the raffle earned the campaign $9 million.

    The campaign has previously raffled - always requesting an optional campaign donation - attendance dinners with Obama and his wife, Michelle. Earlier this year, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney conducted a similar raffle for seats with him at a Red Sox baseball game.

    Clooney was last seen at the White House in mid-March, when he met with Obama to raise awareness about the South Sudan crisis.

    Clooney said last week that the event was "the biggest fundraiser so far to date-ever," and that it was "double anything that's ever been done before."
  2. Romneys biggest MONTH has been 12.6 million :(

    Romney has biggest fundraising month of race

    April 20, 2012 12:58 PM

    PHOENIX, Arizona - The Romney campaign today announced that it hauled in nearly $12.6 million in the month of March - the largest amount they have raised since the former Massachusetts Governor entered the presidential race.

    The Obama campaign announced earlier in the week that it raised a combined $53 million for both his campaign and the Democratic National Committee in March. The team did not release a separate total showing how much of that amount was raised specifically for the president's campaign itself.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    It doesnt matter what Romney's campaign has raised, it matters what the SUPER PAC's are going to do.....

    Business people are smart, they are waiting until it comes closer to election day, and if the race is still tight at that point there is going to be hundreds of millions of dollars in "lump sum" payments flowing in.

    These guys arent going to stroke big checks if they think that there is no point.....

  4. Obama donors will do the same imo,but Obama will already have a huge financial advantage
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Close polling is a huge advantage to Romney, not Obama, as Romney has the business people who will look at their donations as a business expense on his side.

    I.E. Have your taxes go up by x%, or pay money to not have your taxes go up by x%.

    If these guys who pay 100 million a year in taxes are left with an option of having their taxes raised by 5% per year on average, thats 5 million a year * 4 more years of Obama, so its justifiable to spend anything under 20 million dollars, if the race is close.

    On the other hand, the supporters of Obama can not justify their spending as a business expense, as they already know that Obama wants to raise their taxes, so while they may WANT to see him win, they dont have a reason to justify spending a huge amount of money.

    The outlier, and what i find interesting about this race is that it is so heated, that a guy like Soros, or Koch, could simply step in and throw a billion dollars into the ring, without batting an eye, all because they hate the other guy. :D


  6. Makes sense but Obama has raised nearly 400 million already and his fundraising has been going up every month.Whatever the reason democrats are giving Obama money and will continue to do so imo
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama will get to a billion dollars, its all about whether or not the polling is close enough for Romney to keep up. For the most part I dont think that the people who are donating to Obama are going to change how much they donate regardless. But the Romney donors will, and if the race is close he will get more than enough money to match.

    The outlier is the billionaires like Koch and Soros, Bill Maher donated a million dollars to Obama, and his networth is about 20 million.....

    Both David Koch and George Soros are worth about 20 billion, so either one could decide one day to stroke a check for a billion dollars, and it would be the equivalent of Mahers donation, in terms of their networth......


  8. Republicans have done a huge disservice to Romney by bragging about how much his super pacs are going to raise imo.While they're bragging about the hundreds of millions they are going to give Romney it has motivated dems to have already given hundreds of millions to Obama.I think Obamas billionaire backers are sitting on the sidelines waiting to counter The Koch brothers.Republicans have been advertising for years how their billionaire backers are going sink Obama.They should have just kept quiet and surprised the dems giving them little time to react if they do in fact plan to flood Romney superpacs with cash imo
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Do you have links to the Koch brothers saying they were going to "Sink Obama?"

    I think for the most part both the Koch brothers, and Soros are mythological figure heads created by each side in order to demonize the other. They both donate lots of money to their respective causes, but neither one is engaged in the type of chicanery that their opposition accuses them of.

  10. After thinking about it ,you're right.
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