Hollywood demands Obama keeps his promise and cuts nuclear arsenal to zero.

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  1. Hollywood A-listers 'demand zero' nukes in new video

    By Alan Duke, CNN
    updated 10:42 AM EDT, Mon June 17, 2013

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Douglas led a dozen Hollywood A-listers in a video aimed at reminding President Barack Obama that he told the world four years ago of the need to eliminate all nuclear weapons. "I demand zero," said each star, including Oscar winners Douglas, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, Christoph Waltz and Robert De Niro.

    "The message from national security experts and citizens around the world is clear: the only way to eliminate the global nuclear danger is to eliminate all nuclear weapons," says actor Michael Douglas. "It's time to set the world's course to zero."

    The ad will likely find a receptive audience. Obama has often spoke of his desire to reduce and even eliminate the world's nuclear arsenals.


    What a joke.
  2. Who better to "lick" that issue than Michael Douglas. :cool:
  3. Douglass needs to stick to pussy.
  4. pspr


    Maybe he should lick some nuclear warheads and see what he catches. :D
  5. Lucrum


    Does Odumbo really need Hollywood anymore?
  6. I wonder if the Sheeple are starting to realize they rallied around the biggest fraud in U.S. history?
  7. Doubt it. Sheeple aren't sheeple because of their insight.
  8. JamesL


    Martin Sheen has been tilting at the windmill for over 30 yrs now with I imagine will be the same level of results
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    I didn't know "mr gekko" is a lefty loon. :(
  10. I agree with our moral and intellectual icons in Hollywood.

    I will only feel safe in a world where Pakistan, North Korea and Iran control all nuclear weapons.
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