Hollyfield broke

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  1. birdman


    interesting - yes

    enjoyable - nope

    he seemed like a nice guy and i hate to see nice guys finish last

    maybe this will be a wake up call and he will be better at management

    sometimes we have to go through some bad places to get to a good place

    or hopefully maybe he's already woke up and this is the aftermath and clean-up:)
  2. Nice guy? :confused:

    You mean the same guy who likes to illegally headbutt his opponents and have sex with women he doesn't even know sans condom? :p

    The guy who fucked-off millions of dollars that he made becoming nearly punch drunk in the ring?

    That guy?

    He doesn't sound too nice to me ... he sounds like a dumbass. :D
  3. He'll recover then write about a book how he recovered then become a motivational speaker about how he recoverd. lol

    Everything will be ok for him again in three years.

    This shit happens to a lot of ppl, just because your on top doesn't mean you'll stay there. The only good that can come from this is some joe will read this article and not let it happen to him when he's on top.
  4. Funny how he wanted to become 5-time HW champion just last year at age 44. He kept saying it was the love for the sport that was driving him.

    Now we know he's broke and wanted to avoid foreclosure. Good he lost that fight last year against Ibragimov.
  5. LOL, too true.

    And if that doesn't pan-out there's always:

    1. Fight Commentator
    2. Barbeque Grill Salesman
    3. Heavyweight Champion at the age of 55
  6. Perhaps having thousands of dollars in landscaping isn't the best of choices when your going broke......
  7. Hollyfield
    Wesley ("Oh I din't knows yuse gots to pay dem taxes") Snipes

    These guys need to get a clue about finances.
  8. ajna


    I originally assumed that athletes who go broke must have a good for nothing relative managing their money. But if you're monthly nut is crazy high due to the up keep of your 110 room house, the bengal tigers, and various other "toys" you acquire each month, then no money manager in the world could save you from yourself. I have heard that organizations like the NFL players union actually try to teach the basics of money to rookies. I'm guessing that Don King isn't so generous with his knowledge.
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