Holly Pump And Dump Batman

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  1. Seems the only way to move the market higher is with the gap from the futures. Here we go again ES YM floating higher on thin volume.

    Keeps everyone hoping for a big day, keeps the small investor in the game, a game of hope.
  2. Who's Holly? And why did she pump and dump Batman?
  3. dont let it upset you. Just get long overnight if thats what you think is happening. make some $$$$
  4. empee


    is that what patrick bateman said
  5. I held one overnight, and bought a few more as everyone slept in america.

    Them futures are sure easy to manipulate.
  6. What happened? we were up 70 on them dow futures and 8.00 on the sp futures, dang media was telling me all morning looks like a great start of the stock market.

    Now the dow futures are down 11, the sp down 5.50. Shoot fooled again
  7. :eek:

    Guess it's not as easy as it looks mini.
  8. It's lunch time on the east cost, get the markets back up hurry.
  9. Most likely options related as expiring SPX options are priced on todays open.
  10. I wonder what will happen when lunch is over. The media lets all no how well the market is doing when its up, when its down I hardly ever here any updates.

    Don't ever think it's a coincidence that the futures are up in the pre market. imagine after yesterdays selloff, you own stock and are getting worried about the market always going down.

    You wake up and see allllllll the financial channels telling you every 30 seconds the futures are up look like a strong open.

    You finish getting dressed, all is well. You get to work and do your job. Then when everyone is off to work the pro dump.

    Then before the masses head out to lunch, the prop it up again. Thats how the crooks operate when they have millions os shares in 100s of companies to unload. They keep john q public hoping.

    Its all about the publics perception.
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