Holly cow a dip in index futures BUY BUY

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by myminitrading, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. My goodness the futures are down this morning, buy buy buy. Its going higher Santa Clause Rally YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWW
  2. Remind me to follow your posts. You could develop into quite a reliable contrary indicator.
  3. congrats once again to all dipsters!!!

    I love 100% up room to go$$$

    buy dips and you cant lose!!

  4. my favorite part of this buy the dip phenomenon is watching the media cover it.

    when the dow is down 15 pts - cbsmarketwatch, yahoo finance, cnbc are making statements like "market gets knocked down today" and "red in the streets". i know these gys are always extreme but its just funny to see when really the market doesnt go down ever...
  5. What's a holly cow? Is that like a Christmas cow? Holly everywhere?
  6. congrats again to all dipsters!!!

    GO NQ!!!


    you can't lose!!
  7. Those who bought that huge dip yesterday and held on thru that gut wrenching 30 point drop will certainly be rewarded today as we get back to up up up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont worry about the employment report, no matter what the numbers the market will love it, its a love feast, just but the dips thats it. A dip is 10-20 points now days.

    If the report happens to come negative, the market will love it because it means a rate cut, if it comes in 100k they will love it its just right, if it comes in above 100k the market will love it.
  8. I hope everyone got in on that buying opportunity yesterday, those dont come around to often, buy buy buy.
  9. The bid in THICK the offer is THIN, up up up and away with the Dow Mini Futures.
  10. Ain't it great, look at this baby go higher and higher, Jobs report wont make one bit of difference, market doesn't care about anything but going higher and higher.

    Bad news just creates a buying opportunity, 10 point dips are great buys
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