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    Dear Elite Traders,

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  2. heispark


    Trailing drawdown rule is arbitrary and definitely skewed in the favor of prop firms. Please remove this ridiculous rule.
  3. Earn2Trade

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    We are very sorry you think so. I'm not sure what you mean by "skewed in the favor of the prop firm". The prop firm's and the trader's best interest is to make money on the live accounts, or risk manage in a way that they don't lose too much. Trailing drawdown is on live accounts only. Both the prop firm and the trader want to make money.
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  4. heispark


    If you believe cut loss quick and let winners run is a good strategy, how do you say trailing stop loss is reasonable? For example, when my position is protected by breakeven I may want to let this run hoping for much bigger movement in my favor. Anyway this is a risk free trading. Winning ratio is a joke you know. Most important is cut loss quick and let winners run. Yes, time to time, market turns back and hit my breakeven order. That's fine. No loss anyway.

    More details, watch this video:

  5. Earn2Trade

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    I appreciate your video suggestion, I'm going to watch it.
  6. padutrader


    i have been in the market for 30 years.

    i know it is easier to make money than keep it. most traders cannot keep their winnings.

    no one wants to fund idiots who know not how to TRADE FOR KEEPS.

    only children and the immature do not like rules.

    grow up and join the [funded] Men
  7. padutrader


    thanks for this video.

    i checked their registrations on their site and found that all prop firms are not registered as charity organizations.

    this evaluation is NOT for beginners but beginners can get the feel of trading big capital for as little as 100 uusd...


    not a position or swing style

    and scalping is the most difficult thing to be profitable at.

    even though it looks like it should be the easiest.

    i think i saw a sign on their website that says entry for scalper only
  8. Overnight


    If scalping is the most difficult thing to be profitable at, as you say, then why purport that people should do it? Why not get them involved in something easier?
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  9. DevBru


    How many times did you start over or had to reset by now?

    I bet E2T is very happy with a customer like you, you are the perfect match for the hamster weel companies.
  10. padutrader


    all traders say that.
    that does not mean the rest is easy
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