****hole country immigrant beats loudmouth MAGAtard like a red-hatted stepchild.

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    dat der broken jaw

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  3. Man those gloves have little to no padding compared to boxing gloves...
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  6. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office was brought in to investigate the school bus beating. The five teenagers involved in the incident were all suspended from school. They are also facing first-degree misdemeanor battery charges.

    No one is supporting what happened or laughing so don't make up stories.

    Colby did get his ass beat though
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    Tsing Tao

    There's no comparison where a voluntary match gets put up against someone being beaten for wearing a hat in public.

    This is just an example of folks who are so incensed about Trump that every possible victory - imagined or otherwise - against anything even remotely related to Trump or the right gets cheered for at the top of their lungs. Its a symptom of full-blown, unadulterated Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    The rest of the world just goes "ah, Usman got a great knockout."
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    For a guy who doesn't like Trump, you seem to know a lot about every fake hoax they peddle - this fake news you linked was pushed by Qanon morons by the way.
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    those reflexes, dat there beautiful counter, immigrants are truly the master race

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