Holding Positions All Day!

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    Hey guys,

    I know that most of you are impulsive traders that keep fighting for a couple of cents at a time. I've been following along a different style of trading that got me very curious.

    A technique that mostly resembles short-term investing has drawn my attention. I don’t mean holding positions overnight, which would be ridiculous. I wanna know if you guys know anyone that buys in the morning and sells throughout the day?


    Do you know of any websites that can help me along my journey?

  2. It is my belief that the market tend to be volatile during the day, not the night(look at a chart). The whole idea of being flat at the end of the day is left over from the tech bubble and from the 9:30 to 4:15 trading day. If prop trading started today I think the consensus ideas about these issues would much different.
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  4. Ha! If it was only that easy. I make very good money fighting for nickels dimes and quarters every day. You try and catch points and see how well you do :D.

  5. I agree Steve, I am having challenges these last few days get many points, while I wait I for a point I get whipped for less than a point left and right.
  6. I know in stock index futures and some other futures it pays to know the ATR and daily pivots

    I have not tried to see how this plays out in indivual stocks since they can be more news driven
    on certain days
  7. Seth,

    Excuse the newbie question what is ATR and what forumula for pivots there seem to be so many to use?
  8. My average hold time is 2.5 hours per trade and 2-3 trades per day.

    I do just fine thank you ... :)
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    I hold overnight and I'm doing well. Just put on your stops and go to bed. Please check my journal for the strategies.
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