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  1. Outside of the risks associated with holding overnight and margins, is there anyone here who does/has hold overnight positions simply b/c there's no reason to exit your trade at 4:15pm EST?

    What I mean is - outside of the 4:15pm 'deadline' for trades remaining as daytrades vs. overnight trades - has anyone held a position overnight b/c there was no systematic reason to exit?

    Reason I ask is that with the constant volume charts, the charts are very clean and while it can take HOURS to print a candle, that's ok if the trade remains in your direction. As a matter of fact, I think we've seen bigger moves occurring during the overnight session some days vs. what we get during the day. The VBC quickly and easily cleans up the charts and if I just looked at my charts there would be no reason to exit ignoring the time scale.

    Just wondering if anyone has held a position into overnight and how you managed it b/c the 4:15pm deadline was not enough to force you out of a trade. I've mainly viewed the 4:15pm deadline as just that - a deadline to exit your trades, regardless if you would normally exit or not outside of the time deadline.
  2. EVERY single time I've held something over night I woke up and something strange had happened. In addition to that, who wants to dream about their hold? I want to go to sleep clean and care free. Just my thoughts.


  3. If you're a swing trader, you hold overnight unless you have a technical/chart/psycho reason not to.
  4. Geoff - up to this point, I would normally agree with you; however, I've seen too many of my trades continue in the direction I wanted them to go overnight. With a constant volume chart, it's real easy to manage. On a 50,000 setting, there was literally TWO candles that printed last night.

    Gnone - yes, a swing/position trader holds overnight. That goes w/o saying. I am referring to a 'normal' daytrade that could be continued into the overnight hours.
  5. I think you answered your own question. Sometimes "things" happen overnight, other times there is continuation.
  6. The greatest value to be found in trading is by holding overnight. If you can handlethe occasional swings
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    Margin issues aside, on days where you are still seeing momentum in your favor, does anyone hold index futures overnight and just lay in a trailing stop to "let your profits run" for a while? If you get stopped out, fine -- but you may have made a few points more in the after hours, which isn't a bad thing.

    Just curious -- I've never held futures positions overnight, even though on a few BAD days in recent months I was tempted to ride the HSI or Nikkei down for a while and then trail a stop before going to sleep.